In Review: Agents Of Shield – A Life Spent

Daisy attempts to rescue Simmons - even if it means risking all to do it. 

Synopsis: Daisy attempts to rescue Simmons – even if it means risking all to do it.

Review: With Coulson and the rest of the team doing manual labor while simultaneously trying to figure out a way home. Simmons is in servitude to Kree leader Kasius who tasks her with helping an Inhuman teenager gain some sort of mastery over her powers.

Daisy who is at large with Deke goes against advice and makes a rescue attempt. Coulson with help is able to take on the salvage ships out and in doing learns that someone on the fractures planet below them has been trying to communicate. Which goes against everything they have learned about this dark twisted version of the future.

Like most. I’m thrilled to see Coulson and the team in outer space and I’m rather enjoying their interactions with the remnants of the human race and manipulations they are using to get around in this future vision of Earths society.

I loved the moment when Yo-Yo does her thing and we get to see her zooming from the foreman to his office about back before he has time to even notice her gone. What made this so much more fun was the fact that he was standing in front of her the whole time while trying to fix her metric.

The brief journey into space that Coulson takes with May and Mac proves to be revealing and it will be interesting to learn who it is that is trying to communicate with them. My money’s on Fitz. Granted they said he was left behind in the present, but it is reasonable to assume that he’d eventually go after them.

The stand out for this episode is Elizabeth Henstridge. Her performance as Simmons when trying to help the young girl was fantastic, but it is the moments that she is in silence that speaks volumes. Specifically, her reaction to the young girl when she is being severely beaten by some gruesome gladiator for the Entertainment of the Kree and his delegation.

Overall. This was a pretty solid third episode and opens the door for further interesting developments in next weeks show.

Agents Of Shield - A Life Spent
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