IN REVIEW: AGENT CARTER SEASON TWO “Life of the Party” and “Monsters”

Is it possible Dottie isn't the bad guy in this story?

Well, a Peggy Carter double header means…

I love you…                                   …I know

Holy Cow, is my shipping fantasy becoming flesh!?

Uh, no…no it is not. But, with three more episodes there’s still time for Dottie/Peggy to make out with her reflection. Which is the closest thing to masturbation they ever get to on ABC.

ANYWAY, “Life of the Party” opens with…Peggy Carter doing some very questionable behavior. Wilkes’s hold on their dimension is slipping, and the stress is starting to eat away at the good doctor’s attitude. Peggy manages to convince him to create some time of containment unit that could hold him in place. He manages to calm down enough to agree, but says he will need some more of the dark matter…all of which is now within Whitney Frost’s body. The best chance they have of getting close enough to withdraw Frost’s blood is at a fundraiser her husband is throwing for his campaign. But, since Peggy and Whitney have shared so much face time (including Carter’s massive injury), there is no way Peggy can be Jarvis’s date to the event.

Hence, Peggy makes a decision so rash that would make Howard AND Tony Stark blush. (REFERENCES!)

I had two major problems with Season 1, and this illustrates the first: Convenient Character Lapses As Plot Drivers. You remember when the crippled Sousa was sent to cover the back on a sting to capture Peggy? The reason you don’t send the guy who’s left arm is permanently stuck to a crutch is not because he is some vague notion of “handicapped”, but because it is irresponsible and dangerous (to the general public and the agent) if a criminal gets away because an agent physically can’t pursue them. Nothing personal, no doubt in your mental ability or physical usefulness but that just isn’t your mission and a good agent (like Sousa) should be the first to put his ego aside and agree.

Hey, I’ve got the heart of champion!

Peggy “springing” Dottie is ten thousand times more dangerous than that. Dottie is dangerous because she’s a loose cannon who is basically invulnerable and a chameleon with no loyalties or morals. I mean, crap in a hat, Vernon Masters accuses Peggy Carter of being reckless, and you can’t say he’s wrong. She freaking IS. One cop gets shot and killed when Dottie (spoiler everyone saw coming?) makes her escape. And yeah, that guy’s death is Peggy’s 100% fault. (And if you’re going to put a control collar on somebody, you have it EXPLODE like a real scifi!) The stalwart, reliable, highly intelligent Peggy who would never put innocent people’s lives in danger takes the night off so Dottie can have a place in the series. Also, wait, does that mean Peggy flew back to New York with Sousa to spring Dottie and then they somehow transported her knocked out body back?

Peggy wants me to be with her…no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, Whitney has her heart broken when the Council isn’t impressed by her world-changing, rat-eating power, so she’s forced to absorb half the council before they finally start seeing the world her way. While Frost is finally at the top of the food chain (where she’s always wanted to be) it does mean she has to side-eye her rich, white pawns every five seconds.

Lord, give me strength…

And then Sousa tells Peggy that his fiance broke their engagement over the perceived longing/concern Sousa showed Peggy when she was dying on a sofa. If it sounds like a clunky excuse for an almost-kiss. You’re right. It was excruciating.

“Monsters” leads us straight into my second contention with the show. But, I guess you’re owed a brief synopsis first-

Dottie is captured by Frost and interrogated ala near-absorption. Even the dark matter treatment is enough to make Dottie crack. Besides Carter’s motives, Dottie also reveals that Wilkes is still alive, but a “ghost”. This is news to Frost, who keeps Dottie alive as bait to lure Agent Carter to her rescue. Because while Peggy had zero problems electrocuting an unconscious Dottie, gosh darn it, she still cares. Even Thompson showing up and telling her to come back to New York or lose her job doesn’t phase Peggy. There is cause to celebrate, though. Wilkes’ experiment is a success and he is able to maintain a physical state in his containment field. His first act as a being with mass? Reminding Peggy what actual physical chemistry looks like.

Is that your MANifold, or are you just happy to see me?

Whitney, in turn, sends Vernon on a treasure hunt to find the uranium rods that Peggy stole (the same rods from the original black matter discovery). Vernon tries to get Sousa on the hunt, using SSR resources to locate the rods. But, when Sousa proves uncooperative, Vernon uses Sousa’s injuries as an excuse to take over the entire LA SSR office.

And bang, this brings us to my number 2 problem with this show. When Season 1 needed a character to be some place emotionally (Carter crying over Krzeminski’s death?), bam, the character gets a monologue that explains their actions and/or emotions into being. Wilkes begins yelling that they should exterminate Dottie wherever she is via her collar (uh, what?). Frost suddenly turns Robin Hood and explain to Wilkes that she just wants to make the world a better place for “people like them”. Geez, WHY? How does Wilkes think Dottie being dead will stop Peggy from confronting Frost? Why pull this “noble quest” bull crap out of Frost now and not four episodes back? AND NO! KRZEMINSKI WAS NOT A GOOD AGENT! (Sorry, Season 1 flashback)

You know how devoted I’ve been to equality all this time, right?

The high point of the episode is definitely where Peggy’s “british-ness” comes out. And I mean, it comes out full force. We’re talking Kate Winslet refusing to discuss the pay gap-level of British. We’re talking the play aptly titled “No Sex Please, We’re British”. To say Peggy is embarrassed is the understatement of the year. She is aghast at the thought of being desired by both Wilkes and Sousa. And, her humiliation makes for a delightfully vulnerable and hilarious scene.


I beg your pudding!?


Sure, there’s been no Boob Windows in subsequent weeks, but “Boob Window Analysis” is not a heading you give up without a fight. So instead, here is another screenshot (with is lovely and cleavage-y) that is perfect to incorporate into my “PeggyxDottie” fan fic.

“Don’t be gentle, Peggy Darling,” said Dottie, awash with the carnal desire to wrestle…emphasis on DESIRE.

In place of my usual analytics, I’m going to hazard a prediction here. And this could prove fruitless in the next episode, but here me out. Is it possible Dottie isn’t the bad guy in this story? After all, the Big Bad in this story beside Whitney has always been the Council of Rich Misogynists. As Dottie reminds us herself, she finds the decadence of America disgusting, and she didn’t even like the idea of “F stands for Freedom”! We still don’t know why she was robbing the bank in Episode 1 (Deep down, it was to get Peggy’s attention, I know). Maybe Dottie WAS trying to bring down the council, which was the personification of the American excess and hypocrisy she hates? The destruction of which MIGHT be good for all of America?

Besides shaming shoddy dialogued-motivation, Britain Valenti is also a webseries creator and screenwriter. You can’t read her screenplays because they’re all optioned, and she’s fabulously wealthy because of it. Also she has a pet she consistently throws into the air after she paints it pink.

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Besides shaming shoddy dialogued-motivation, Britain Valenti is also a webseries creator and screenwriter. You can't read her screenplays because they're all optioned, and she's fabulously wealthy because of it. Also she has a pet she consistently throws into the air after she paints it pink. Check Out Interrogation At:
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