This episode probably hits such a high note because it features all the characters doing what they're best at.

Episode 3 of “Agent carter” Season 2 opens on, wait, what?


Boob Window Analysis:

Excuse me as I spend the entire first scene collapsed in a gale of giggles. Seriously? Now, granted the picture does not do it justice, but that is a dress whose boob-section is quarantined off in a vivid green against a sea of purple. I’m not a pervert, I would LOVE to go a whole five (but not six) minutes without talking about Hayley Atwell’s Great Tracks O’Land, but come on, costumers! She looks like the new weather girl at a small news station who’s getting set up for a hilarious green-screen prank.

-Where does your eye immediately go?

Anyway, I and my viewing partner were surprised and delighted by the quality of “Better Angels”. It’s one of the best episodes of Agent carter, and – if the rest of the series continues with this quality – it’s going to be a knockout season.

Peggy and Sousa are investigating Dr. Wilkes’s home after the explosion at Isodine led to the good Dr.’s “death”. The Feds find some very-obviously placed incriminating evidence like a Russian passport and nuclear codes, which Peggy sees through in an instant.She says it’s obviously a case of Isodine trying to discredit Wilkes and throw them off the company’s scent. Cue the return of Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark who is just as charming and dashing and knee-deep in poon as ever.

Howard Stark

Unfortunately, Thompson from the East Coast office is flown in when Peggy proves to be uncooperative in not investigating Isodine and its founder Calvin Chadwick. Thompson’s arrival on the West Coast along with his shoulder-devil Vernon Masters is one of the perplexing things about the show. If everyone is just going to end up in the same room, why did Peggy and Sousa leave the coast at all. Thompson also seems to have completely forgotten his character arc from Season 1, and is back to travelling cross-country just to be a bastard. However, there is something so powerful and chilling when Peggy looks him dead in the eye and tells him he’s always “hoping for someone to put a medal” on him that I can forgive his lapse in moral fiber. In fact I hope he gets more and more immoral so Peggy can kick the contour off his cheekbones.

This episode probably hits such a high note because it features all the characters doing what they’re best at. Howard Stark runs around with a harem of women. Dr. Wilkes does science. Peggy does espionage. Jarvis…well, let’s face it, Jarvis is becoming a real Mary Jane. He’s the utility knife of the show, used alternately by Howard and Peggy as a driver, lab assistant, battering ram, you name it. It’s not a bad look for Jarvis, but after his sudden and spontaneous ability to fly a plane and shoot down aircraft in Season 2, Jarvis is starting to look more like a superhero then humble, affable butler.

Agent Carter

Furthering the episode is the revelation (though if you know your WWII history you gleefully saw it coming) that Whitney Frost – wife of Isodine owner Chadwick – is the scientific genius behind the founding of Isodine. Due to a helpful scientific magazine cover featuring a giant photo of the flaxen-haired Whitney on the cover, Peggy and the team are able to put two and two together that Whitney indeed may have been at the Isodine explosion. A further example of the superiority of this episode is the final scene involving Whitney and her director. *Finally* the writers of Agent Carter have managed to combine the obligatory “white men are scumbags” scene with actual plot development, and it’s a super effective cliff hanger for next week.

  • Times Peggy Carter adopts an American accent: 1 (and it’s a great moment)
  • Allusions to sex with 1940’s veiled dialogue: 2
  • Times that Peggy needs Jarvis to drive her somewhere: 0! (The episode actually opens with Peggy driving a car alone!)
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Music
  • Effects

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