In Review: Adventureman #7 “GHOST LIGHTS”

Snow keeps falling, old ghosts keep calling

Synopsis: In Adventureman ‘Ghost Lights’. Snow keeps falling, old ghosts keep calling, and Claire Connell discovers a giant secret buried deep underneath Manhattan.


The Story

While her sister is trying to figure out the serum, which gives Claire the strength to be Adventureman. Interesting developments are happening elsewhere in town where a young black man visits his grandfather and is given a set of guns, a mask, and a cowboy hat. He is told that the guns glow whenever danger is near. Turns out that he is to be the successor to Champion Strong. The Cowboy character that helped Adventureman out in the last issue.

Meanwhile, Claire takes some serum and investigates what is happening underneath Manhattan. As she walks deeper into the underground she sees a lot of ghosts and they are not the friendly type. Seeing that this is a fight she can’t presently win. She runs home where her sister presents her with a new version of the serum, but before she knows whether it will work or not. One of the ghosts attacks Claire’s family home, but at the very last minute a Cowboy shows up to lend a hand.


The Artwork

Terry and Rachel Dodson continue to impress with their artwork. I loved the sequence of panels where Claire’s sister was working on figuring out the serum and Claire downs another dose of it. Leaving her with only two veils.

Additionally, I also loved the sequence beneath Manhatton where Claire finds all the ghosts and the sequence in which the ghost attacks Claire’s family home by coming in through the fireplace.



Matt Fraction giving us a ghost Adventureman story this close to Christmas is genius. The artwork continues to work really well with Fractions narrative and the colours and visuals continue to look very much like an old 30s pulp series, but set in the modern-day. Additionally, this issue is a wonderful introduction for the cowboy hero Champion Strong, who I am hoping we’ll see more of in the months ahead.

Adventureman #7 “GHOST LIGHTS”
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