In Review: Adventureman #3

The rebirth of Adventureman's legend and legacy continues

Synopsis: The rebirth of Adventureman’s legend and legacy continues—but with it follows the foes that once fought him to the edge of fatality! How can Claire and her family survive?


The Story

Claire and her family are at the Hospital to have Claire examined, but when she senses Danger reality blurs and she finds herself helping Adventureman and his team take on a ship of ghost pirates. While in the present she has just performed a field blood transfusion on a patient and has mysteriously gained some of her hearing back in one ear, but has no memory of her adventures.


The Artwork

The art team of Clayton Cowles, Rachel Dodson, and Terry Dodson have plenty of fun with this issue as we get to see a wonderful sequence, which sees Adventureman fighting off the bad guys while onboard a pirates ship, which is haunted by ghostly buccaneers. The panels that take place in the hospital feel very much like your typical hospital and make up a bulk of this issue insofar as the story.

We get some fantastic pages toward the close of the issue where we get to see some of the artist’s concept work for characters and designs that would eventually wind up in the issue.



This issue was a fun ride, but would have proved to be confusing had you come into the story at this point. The sequence where Claire wanders off from the Hospital and it segues into the battle with Adventureman on the Pirates ship was so fast of a transition that I needed to do a second take because it felt a bit confused.

The part of the story where Claire has lost time and is being examined by the Doctor proved to be quite interesting in that she suddenly has her hearing back in one ear and has grown a bit taller. It will be fun to see what this is going to go in the next issue.

Adventureman #3
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