In Review: Adler #5


Synopsis: Adler and her team of Victorian heroines face-off against AYESHA’S army of AMAZONS.


The Story

Having narrowly escaped their assassination with a little help from Queen Victoria. Irene Adler and Jane Eyre secure the means to chase down Ayesha and her Amazons. It is a battle of women and a fight to save the British Empire from utter destruction via means of Death Ray. Will Adler’s small airship have the speed to catch up with Ayesha? Will Jane survive and meet Edward Fairfax Rochester? What about the fate of Orphan Annie?


The Artwork


Paul McCaffrey’s artwork throughout this series has been a delightful feast for the eyes and this final issue is no exception. McCaffrey seems to have a wonderful understanding of pictorial storytelling. Especially when it comes to pulp-style adventures. In this final issue, he absolutely nails it. Bringing us an epic fight between Jane Eyre and Ayesha’s pet Vampire Carmilla. We even get an epic moment where both Irene Adler and Jane prepare to leap from their small ship onto Ayesha’s stolen airship. The image, which I have captured and posted above speaks for itself and is only one of the epic moments on offer in this final issue.



Writer Lavie Tidhar has brought us a true pulp hero for women with this story. The way in which she repurposes Irene Adler, Jane Eyre, and the other leading ladies of numerous classic novels is brilliant. Obviously, Tidhar is very much inspired by Alan Moore’s ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ in order to do this story, but she does so in such a way that it stands on its own. Each issue of the series began with Jane Eyre writing home about her adventures, which was a nice way to recap what happened in the previous issue. Additionally, it also helped solidify Jane in the role of Adler’s Dr. Watson insofar as she journals their adventures.

Furthermore, Lavie Tidhar could not have chosen a better art team if she had tried. Paul McCaffrey’s linework throughout was brilliant as were his bold color choices. He really went all out to support the epic scale and the audaciousness of Tidhar’s story. I really hope that Tidhar and McCaffrey will get a chance to do a follow up to this book.

Overall. I’m giving this full marks across the board and hope to get hold of a trade copy of the whole story in graphic novel form.


Adler #5
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