In Review: Adler #4

Irene Adler and her team of Victorian heroines encounter a mysterious villain, even more dangerous than Moriarty!

Synopsis: Irene Adler and her team of Victorian heroines encounter a mysterious villain, even more dangerous than Moriarty!


The Story

Having learned that Ayesha has a very powerful bomb. Irene Adler and Jane Eire head over to Lady Havishams Estate to formulate a plan. Unfortunately, Lady Havishams place comes under attack by Ayesha’s Amazons. Luckily for them, Queen Victoria and her security detail arrive just in time to provide a means of escape for the ladies.


The Artwork

Paul McCaffrey continues to turn the heat up with some sizzling artwork, but I do have to wonder if all Amazon Women are blondes. Where’s the Xena Warrior Princess Clones? Other than that the leather armor that the women are wearing is definitely on point. I loved the contrast between Ayesha and Prince Rudolf’s future wife where seeing Ayesha tower over her. I also loved the airship Victoria and how Queen Victoria is being kept alive in a very steampunk fashion.

McCaffrey absolutely nails giving this comic a visual identity that gels brilliantly with the diabolical plotting powers of its author. I must stress. I only added that word because I wanted to say diabolical, but mean it in a positive sense.



Writer Lavie Tidhar absolutely nails the League of Gentlemen vibe with a comic book that I look forward to each month. It brings new meaning to the words girl power in that it rebrands girl power into woman power. I love the quick and witty dialogue exchanges between Havisham, Jane Eire and Irene Adler. I can even imagine a rather exotic accent every time Ayesha says something. The dialogue is that good.

The use of Nikola Tesla as Ayesha’s top scientist was a masterstroke in the last issue, but he was rather underused in this issue.

We get a brilliantly fun exchange between Ayesha’s main henchwoman Carmilla who is tasked with subduing the Prince and his future bride and happily does say with a swift kick to his gonads. He asks her what type of woman she is while he is struggling to catch his breath on the floor. Carmilla displays her vampire fangs and casually says, “The kind that keeps men like you awake at night.” That Carmilla is definitely not the type of lady you can bring home to mother. Though I probably would for the entertainment value.

Overall. This book continues to be the main event on my monthly calendar.

You can get your own digital copy as well as back issues here at ComiXology.

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