In Review: A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Netflix Series)

This is family entertainment how it should be done. It just wasn't possible to look away.

Synopsis: After the loss of their parents in a mysterious fire, the three Baudelaire children face trials and tribulations attempting to uncover dark family secrets.

Review: Netflix has been rolling out some great new series of late and last weekend saw the release of their latest family show ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’, which is based on the Lemmony Snicket’s children’s books.

The first season, which is comprised of 8 episodes covers four of the books.

The story centres on the unfortunate Baudelaire Children who through no fault of their own wind up in the dubious care of the most terrible Count Olaf who is not only a horrible person, but he is also a terrible actor. Olaf is played brilliant by Neil Patrick Harris who wastes no time at all in camping it up to the max and flexing some of his musical muscle.

The child actors in the series are fantastic and I loved the inversion of the baby having a liking for eating hard foods as apposed to soft baby foods.

The four stories told throughout the series see the kids being enslaved by Olaf, staying with their kindly uncle Monty and The Formidable Aunt Josephine and winding up in a sweat shop.

Patrick Warburton is casts perfectly as Lemony Snicket who narrates events to the audience in the guise of a news reporter. Alfre Woodard is also great as Aunt Josephine. But it is really Neil Patrick Harris that steals much of the show as Olaf whose schemes and machinations see him undergoing more costume changes than your average catwalk model.

The song and dance routines dotted throughout the series are great fun and the casting throughout is top notch. Right down to the incompetent Mr. Poe who is played brilliantly by K. Todd Freeman.

Before watching this I had never saw the movie with Jim Carey or read any of the books. So I came into it with absolutely no expectations and truly enjoyed myself. This is family entertainment how it should be done. It just wasn’t possible to look away.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Netflix Series)
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