In Review: A Discovery of Witches (Season 3)

The third series of A Discovery of Witches opens with Matthew and Diana returning from Elizabethan London to find tragedy at Sept-Tours.

Synopsis: The third series of A Discovery of Witches opens with Matthew and Diana returning from Elizabethan London to find tragedy at Sept-Tours. Agatha challenges Knox in the Congregation. Diana learns she’s carrying twins.


The Story

(Some mild spoilers ahead)

Picking up events from where the season two finale left off. Matthew and Diana have returned to Sept-Tours to learn that Peter Knox has murdered Diana’s, Aunt Emily. Their first order of business on their return is to make Knox accountable for his actions. To help them with this Agatha challenges Knox and gets him thrown out of the Congregation. But Matthew and Diana have another problem. Gerbert D’Aurillac is still plotting against them and is using his influence over Matthews’s older brother as leverage. Furthermore, he has also located a Vampire named Benjiman who Mathew Sired and abandoned long ago. It is Gerbert’s hope that Benjiman’s lust for revenge will put an end to Matthew Clairmont.

Meanwhile, Diana continues her search for the missing pages from the Book of Life as she is sure that it holds the answers about the origins of the creatures and the means of reestablishing balance between Vampires, Demons, and Witches. However, an ousted Peter Knox is just as determined to find the book and will leave no stone unturned in his quest.

Matthew continues his research to find a cure for the Blood Rage that has infected his family line, and things get interesting when his and Diana’s son Jack shows up from Elizabethian England. He has been sired by Hubbard, who made Jack a Vampire to save his life. Unfortunately, Jack succumbed to the Blood Rage and now it falls on Matthew to help Jack learn control. But Matthew’s over brother and the congregation wants Jack dead. In order to protect Jack and the rest of his friends and family. Matthew forms a separate branch of the Clairmont family so they no longer have to answer to Baldwin or the Congregation. But in order to do this. Matthew must visit New Orleans and enlist help from a group of Vampires that hold a grudge against him for his past actions in dealing with Blood Rage.

By the close of the series. Pretty much everything gets wrapped up as Diana and Matthew manage to fulfill their destiny.


The Acting

Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer do some great work as Matthew and Diana continue their adventures together. It is also good to see Diana grow more into her powers as perhaps the most powerful Witch on the planet.

As with the last couple of seasons. Owen Teale and Trevor Eve make for a great pair of villains as Witch Peter Knox and Vampire Gerbert D’Aurillac. But they get somewhat downstaged this season by Jacob Ifan as Benjamin who was introduced in the second season, but only proves to be a real danger in this final season as his backstory gets revealed. Ifan has some great scenes with Malin Buska’s Satu who has left Peter Knox’s side and began working with Benjamin.

Of course, there are plenty of other actors that should and could get mentioned here. But suffice to say. Pretty much most of the actors brought their best performances to this show and gave us some memorable characters.



This final season wraps the story up rather nicely but leaves one plot thread open for us to imagine the outcome of as Gerbert is allowed to get away with an ominous warning. Every character gets their moment to shine. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Gallowglass got to make a return as I rather enjoyed his character in the last series. But we also get introduced to a few newer characters as well. Who all play key roles in helping Matthew and Diana tell their story.

Overall. It is kind of bitter-sweet that this series has to end. But given that it is based on a trilogy of books. It is hardly surprising that Sky made the decision to end it with this third series finishing the story. Indeed, less is sometimes more. And I think in this case they made the right call and took it out on a real high.


If you haven’t seen the show yet. It’s all available to watch now on Sky TV’s Sky Now and Sky Go service where you can binge all three seasons. For Sky Subscribers that are on the basic package. Season Three is currently airing every Friday night.

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