In Review: A Discovery of Witches (Season 2)

A Discovery of Witches returns and picks the story up moments from where it left off.

Synopsis: A Discovery of Witches returns and picks the story up moments from where it left off. In order to escape from Peter Knox and Gerbert. Diana and Matthew time walk to Elizabethan London.


The Story

Having escaped from Peter Knox and Gerbert. Diana and Matthew find themselves in London in 1590. This causes some issues for Matthew as he has to pick up his life there. A life, which puts him at the centre of political intrigues of the Elizabethan era. Likewise, Diana has to find herself a good teacher that can show her how to use her newfound powers as a Witch.

In 1590

As the story develops. We see Diana and Matthew interacting with numerous historical figures from the time period. Chiefly among them is playwright and poet Christopher Marlowe who happens to be a demon and a good friend of the Matthew from the 16th century. So Matthew bringing a witch home with him doesn’t impress Kit Marlowe who is not a fan of change.

Over the course of this second season. Matthew and Diana travel to Bohemia in search of the book of life as well as being on the Queen’s business. While there they have a run-in with Emperor Rudolf who happens to have an interest in the alchemical sciences and the Occult.

In The Present Day

While Matthew and Diana are adventuring in the 16th century. Marcus Whitmore is struggling with his new responsibilities as head of the Knights of Lazarus. He finds an ally in Phoebe Taylor the head curator of a museum of history. Unfortunately, Marcus cannot afford to be complacent as Gerbert’s forces are working against him and trying to expose a dark secret about the De Clairmont family. As well as find the missing pages to the book of life.


The Acting

As you’d expect. The acting in this second season of A Discovery of Witches is top-notch. Both Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer continue to sizzle as Vampire Matthew De Clairmont and Witch Diana Bishop. We learn more about Matthew and his affliction of Blood Rage, which is a condition that runs through his mother’s side of the vampire family. It’s a secret that has been kept for centuries. Goode gets a lot to play with as more layers are added to his character. Likewise, Palmer also gets lots to do as Diana learns about her powers as a Spell Weaver, which is a rare and powerful Witch.

Historical Characters

As you’d expect from any story that has segments set in the 1590s. We get to see a fair few acting performances as various actors get to do their interpretations of historical characters. Among the most prominent is Tom Hughes who plays playwright and poet Kit Marlowe who has a complex relationship with Matthew De Clairmont and does not particularly take to Diana.

We also get to meet Queen Elizabeth the first who is played brilliantly by Barbara Marten. The Queen has an interesting relationship with Matthew De Clairmount who goes by the name of Roydon and works for the Monarchy as both a torturer and informant. Of course, that’s only when he isn’t writing poetry.

We also get to meet Emperor Rudolf of Bohemia who is played by Mike Jibson. Rudolf takes a dangerous liking to Diana as the bond over a shared interest in Alchemy. Of course, Diana is only indulging it in order to get a look at The Book of Life. The scenes shared between Rudolf, Diana and Matthew are edgy, to say the least.



Fans have been waiting for a little over two years for this second season of A Discovery of Witches and it doesn’t disappoint. Like many people. I binged the entire lot over the weekend and was hooked. The attention to detail was incredible as were the period wardrobes that the characters wore.

I loved the various encounters that Matthew and Diana have with historical characters over the arc of the season. Additionally, it was really cool to see Diana learning how to spell weave. The visual effects of her tying knocks with the various magical energies were mesmerizing and made the concept of weaving spells visually interesting. The best visual though was when Diana meets her magical guide, which happens to be a phoenix.

Based on the second book of the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness. A Discovery of Witches continues to entertain and educate. We also once again end with a cliffhanger. Hopefully, we’ll not have to wait another two years to see the final book brought to the screen. But if we do. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

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