In Review: 007: For King and Country #6 – THERE’LL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND!


Synopsis: THERE’LL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND! FINAL ISSUE! It all comes down to this — Bond vs. Myrmidon, no holds barred, no quarter given!


The Story

Having killed Fromm in the last issue. It now comes down to Bond Vs his Mentor Gwenolyne Gann. With From out of the way Gann plans to take over Myrmidon and run it her way, which she feels is a much fairer and just way to any of the superpowers. Thankfully Bond is aware of Gann’s betrayal and has planned accordingly and he agrees with his mentor in regards to not wanting any of the superpowers to be able to make use of Myrmidon. So working with his old CIA mate Felix. Bond sets out to stop Gann and prevent the horrific Myrmidon nanotech from getting into any government’s hands.


The Artwork

Allessio Avalonne does some fantastic artwork for this issue. The stand-off between Bond and Gann is fantastically drawn as is the dramatic build-up to the final few pages, which see Gann’s plans ultimately scuppered. I loved the drawing of the Myrmidon building, which is glowing with red light as the emergency lights are turned on. Overall the art throughout this series has been superb and has worked well for the story.



Philip Kennedy Johnson wraps this story up beautifully and leaves a few threads open so that Gann can potentially make a return at some future date. I loved the themes and tropes that Johnson used to tell this story. Nanotech and other technologies that have the potential to allow one person to play god is of huge concern as is A.I. in general. So this book story is one that I feel many fans will likely be discussing for some time to come. The topics and themes within the story are very much mirroring many of the discussions that have been happening in the world’s media for quite some time. Bond’s decision in the end was as much for the rest of the world as it was for England.

007: For King and Country #6 - THERE’LL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND!
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