In Review: 007: For King and Country #5


Synopsis: THE BEST DEFENSE IS A DOUBLE-“O”-FENCE! No more hiding — it’s time for 007 and 002 take the fight to Myrmidon!


The Story

In this penultimate issue, 007 and 002 meet up with Felix and execute their plan to fight Myrmidon and put an end to Fromm’s plans to take over the world’s security services with his augmented soldiers.  However, Bond has to be a little extra cautious given that he has been given cause to doubt Agent Gann’s loyalty and motives. Added to that is the fact that 009 also has his own agenda.


The Artwork

Giorgio Spalletta puts in another solid shift for this issue with some great sequential panels that depict some great action beats. The issue starts off with Bond and Agent Clark getting their intimate time interrupted by 009 who while attempting to kill Bond shoots Agent Clark instead. The panels that depict this action are a great way of getting this issue started as Bond manages to fight 009 off using a mattress for cover.

However, it is all the action that Spalletta draws that takes place in the Mymidion complex that truly shines. From Bond and Gann parachuting into the complex to the final few moments where Bond confronts Gann about her betrayal. This book is full of imagery that you’d expect to see in a modern bond movie.



A brilliant issue that brings the story full circle. I loved the way in which Bond narrates the attack plan to Felix while we are being shown the action as it takes place. The artwork does a great job of depicting the action and the final confrontation between Bond and Gann is written brilliantly. After all Agent Gann aka 002 was a legendary agent whom Bond idolized. So Bond is truly hurt by her betrayal and Phillip K. Johnson sells this point of view brilliantly with some great dialogue.

Overall. This penultimate issue leaves a few plot threads concerning Bond’s future in the wind. But am sure some of it will get resolved in the final issue, which will hit comic stores next month.

007: For King and Country #5
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