In Review: 007: For King and Country #4

The former 007 and 002 are tired of running from Myrmidon...

Synopsis: The former 007 and 002 are tired of running from Myrmidon — time to take the fight back to their home turf in England’s green and pleasant land.


The Story

Having gone to Washington in order to get some help from his CIA contact Felix. Bond has a chance encounter with 005 who claims that again Gann 002 was second in command of Myrmidon and cannot be trusted. Having no other evidence to prove this. Bond has to do a little digging himself and is starting to wonder about who he can and can’t trust. Things escalate somewhat when Agent Clark is nearly captured by Myrmidon.


The Artwork

Giorgio Spalletta does a solid job with the artwork. Most of the early part of the book is the conversation between Bond, Felix and 005. So not really too much in the way of action. However, the facial expressions and body language happening during this conversation are drawn really well. When we do get a bit of action. It is explosive and sudden and begins with a dramatic car explosion with Bond in the foreground. After this bit of action in which we see Bond take care of Agent Clark’s pursuers. We get an interesting phone conversation between Bond and Gann where the female agent that Bond trusts with his life is drawn in such a way that you are not really too sure about whether she can be trusted. This is reiterated by some of bonds internal dialogue as he replays 005s warning in his mind.



This chapter of the story does a brilliant job of picking up on events from the last issue. Separating Bond from Agent Gann was a great way to enhance the plot and add a few more fun elements. I really liked the brief panels where Money Penny reports a Bond sighting to M. As we have seen very little of M in this story thus far.

Overall. A fun issue that ups the stakes a little.

007: For King and Country #4
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