In Review: 007: For King and Country #2

Branded as traitors, 007 and 003 rush to clear their names and stop the wanton destruction of the mysterious Myrmidon.

Synopsis: Branded as traitors, 007 and 003 rush to clear their names and stop the wanton destruction of the mysterious Myrmidon. But hot on their heels is the new 002, an agent with few morals and a license to kill…


The Story

Picking the story up from the last issue. Bond and Gwendolyn have had a meeting with a former agent of Mymidon who has told them about Fromm’s virus and how it is killing Myrmidon’s agents. But their meeting is interrupted by 002 who has been sent on a mission to capture or kill Bond. Having managed to subdue 002. Bond and 003 fly out to France in order to catch up with an old friend of Gwendolyn’s, who happens to be Q’s predecessor. But thanks to some of Fromm’s technology. MI6 is able to track bond and 006 is hot on his heels.


The Artwork

Giorgio Spalletta gets to draw a few different locations in this issue as we get transported from Bonds safehouse to Paris in France where the two rogue MI6 agents have a meeting. For me, the best sequence of panels comes late on in the issue when Bond and Gwendolyn Gann go to the Coffee shop in France for their meeting. The way in which Spalletta builds the tension of Bond and his partner being stacked through 006’s rifle sights is brilliant. I also loved the moment when Bond spots that they have been made.



A solid second issue in which we learn how badly MI6 has been infiltrated by the mysterious Myrmidon. I really look forward to seeing how all of this is going to play out. Especially given that 006 seems somewhat reluctant about pulling the trigger on Bond. It will be interesting to see just how many allies Bond and Gwendolyn Gann have left.

Why has M sent 006 to bring Bond on and not 009? Will we see Bond reconnect with M in a forthcoming issue? Those are just some of the questions that I am pondering about this book.

007: For King and Country #2
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