In Revew: Westworld – Trace Decay

What self respecting maze wouldn't have a Minotaur?

Synopsis: After shocking revelations and a death, someone goes through great lengths to cover their deadly tracks. Dr. Ford regains his grasp on power. William and Dolores continue to wander through dangerous territory, and William continues to explore his transformations in the park. Maeve takes a gamble on what new influence she has accrued through her machinations. (Also, the maze is a labyrinth, and there is a Minotaur!)

Review: After Bernard discovers that he is a host, he attempts to reconcile his perceived life with reality. Now, Bernard realizes that he is not human, has no family (which is really jarring due to the death of his child [whom he now realizes never existed], and is a tool instead of a protegé to Ford. Bernard’s anger and grief is triggered by all of this traumatic information, and he is furthered unhinged by the murder of Theresa by his own hands. Though he was compelled to murder by Ford, the guilt still weighs heavily on Bernard. While all of this is terrifying to watch, the true terror is Ford.

Bernard is Ford’s experiment who was able to pass the Turing test (the test that gauges the intelligence of a computer to determine if they are indistinguishable from human). Bernard has worked closely with humans for an undetermined amount of time, conducted an affair with Theresa, and work in Behavior with Elsie (poor Elsie) while hiding in plain sight. Ford allows all of this to occur, and then uses Bernard as a murder weapon. Ford even implies that there isn’t much difference when it comes to humans and hosts in relation to their thoughts and emotions; nevertheless, Ford remains a cold and uncaring murderer. This episode alone illuminates Dr. Ford in a way we have suspected for a while now. He has his own set of amoral guidelines, and he doesn’t have any regard for life, android or otherwise.

[This is the part where I usually wax poetic about Maeve. I have chosen not to this review as no one wants to read a multi volume dissertation on Maeve, power, and it’s corrupting influence on society.]

When the Man in Black recounts a tale about one of his first atrocities in Westworld, we get the origin of Maeve’s horrific reveries. As he continues to explain his life outside of the park, he tells Teddy that his family always thought the evil person he has become was always there. On many occasions, we have been reminded that Westworld is a place where one’s true self is revealed. We have seen it in Ford and the Man in Black, and we are currently seeing it within William and Maeve. These people are all reaching for liberation. Liberation in the form: morals, servitude, self-doubt, etc. It is that desire which drives them to become whom they have always been. Creatures trying to escape the maze of their existence, and they will stop at nothing to bypass the traps, dead ends, and the Minotaur in their way.

Westworld - Trace Decay
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