In Reveiw: Westworld – The Well-Tempered Clavier

The episode that makes you go, "Ok, but HOW?"

Synopsis: Dolores and Bernard learn startling revelations about themselves, and those discoveries transform them into very different people. Maeve continues to make power moves within the park and behind the scenes. William finally embraces who he was destined to be, and Teddy continues to be the whipping boy of the series. (We all know he has been the entire time. How many times can you stab a man and drag him all over creation?)

Review: When we reach the penultimate episode of Westworld, massive discoveries have been made. Some people who we originally thought were guests were hosts, people who seemed like benevolent scientists turned out to be Machiavellian despots (Ok so no one thought that Dr. Ford would be innocent). However, this episode of Westworld really took the cake. Maeve realizes that Bernard is a host, and the alterations to her source code have allows her dominion over Bernard as well. Bernard once again realizes that he is a host, and he forces Dr. Ford into unraveling his true past. These memory fragments are painful and paint a tableau of who Bernard is, but it also illuminates the past of Westworld.

One major metamorphosis that has been developing all season has been that of William. After being captured by Logan, William and Dolores are left to his decadent devices. When Dolores escapes, William and Logan have the discussion that pushes William past a breaking point. In a chilling moment, Logan awakes to find himself surrounded by dismembered hosts with William the perpetrator. This entire season has seen William dancing on the edge of ruthlessness and repression. Ruthlessness won out. What is interesting is that no one is surprised, and I think that is the most shocking thing about the moment.

All season we have waited for William to crossover the the dark side. Now, it has happened, and I am excited to see what he will become. This is problematic because William will now be just like every other guest who callously treats hosts with reckless abandon. Actually, William represents something worse than a casual guests. Guests believe the hosts are not sentient. William knows and continues to mistreat the hosts without any concern if they are sentient. Therefore, he is now possibly the worst villain in Westworld.

The season finale of Westworld is upon us. The episode will surely give us more shocking surprises. (I mean Dolores and Bernard were full of them this episode. We may learn what terrible machinations have been working in the shadows. (Charlotte knows the Man in Black, and he is on the board of directors!) Whatever we may witness, we have already experienced the devastating loss of someone who gave into his darker instincts. Sadly, William probably won’t be the last.

Westworld - The Well-Tempered Clavier
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