If Ada Hoffman’s Book ‘The Outside’ Were A Movie, Who Would We Cast?

In 2020, Scifipulse interviewed Ada Hoffmann. Author of The Outside. More recently we reviewed her second book, The Fallen. Both offerings are brilliant, mind bending slices of SF

In 2020, Scifipulse interviewed Ada Hoffmann. Author of The Outside. More recently we reviewed her second book, The Fallen. Both offerings are brilliant, mind bending slices of SF. That this reviewer believes will ultimately find their way into live action adaptations. Here is our fancast for The Outside.


Yasira Shien: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Yasira is The Outside’s protagonist and main character. She is also the person from whose perspective the first novel is told. My own view is that Mbatha-Raw has the ability to show Yasira’s thought processes based on the actor’s work in the Cloverfield Paradox. I also feel that she could strike that balance between composure and vulnerability that Yasira needs.


Tiv Hunt: Kristin Kreuk

Tiv is Yasira’s girlfriend who plays a minor yet important role in The Outside. The author herself has said on Twitter that she pictures Tiv as this actor. Kreuk has the ability to play an innocent and unworldly character. Which is how Tiv is for most of the primary book. It should be noted as well that Tiv becomes the main character in The Fallen, and grows up a lot. Tiv retains. Her kindness and desire to help others though. It seems to me that Kreuk would be able to depict that retention of Tiv’s core values despite everything that takes place around her.


Dr. Talirr: Carrie-Anne Moss

Dr. Talirr is one of the antagonists in The Outside series. A Magneto-esque figure who wants revenge on an ignorant society. I have no doubt that this performer could put across Talirr’s aloofness and brusqueness. I just wonder though if Moss could show us Ev’s inner emotions that come out during a critical scene in book 1. Against that I believe that this actor could show us the mystery and danger in Dr. Talirr’s character, as well as her almost mother/daughter like relationship with Yasira.


Akavi: Lee Pace

Yasira’s captor who forces her to work for the Gods. Akavi is an angel; a technologically enhanced human totally obedient to the AI deities who control humanity. I think Pace could show us Akavi’s inhumanity. Both physically and in his treatment of those around him. I’m basing this choice on the actor’s work in The Hobbit trilogy. My own view is that Pace can play an authoritarian character and one that lacks empathy for those around him. Both of which are qualities Akavi needs to possess.


Elu: Coby Bird

A junior angel under Akavi whose relationship with him becomes unhealthy. Elu is something of an anti-villain. I’ve chosen Bird to play him because of the actor’s youthful looks. As Elu is described as young looking in The Outside. I also feel that this actor would play off Lee Pace very well. Showing the power imbalance between an innocent boy and a bad man. Bird is also autistic, so I think he could bring an extra layer of authenticity to this role. Speaking as someone who has been in similar situations to Elu. This dynamic could really speak to a lot of people and let them be seen.


Enga: Ming Na-Wen

Ming Na-Wen has the ability to play a battle hardened combat veteran, which is what Enga’s actor requires. It might be interesting to see this performer play the younger, more naive version of Enga that we catch sight of in The Fallen. Nobody can deny that Agent May with arms that turn into a battery of cyborganic weapons would be awesome. I think as well that Na-Wen could show us Enga’s deadpan humour brilliantly.


Irimiru: Clare Kramer

Irimiru is described as taking the form of a beautiful woman in The Outside. Although as an intermediary between the Gods and their servants she can take any form. Kramer could show Irimiru’s classic beauty as well as the terrible power and might that she wields. I’d say the actor’s Buffy role of Glory makes her a good choice for this part. Kramer could also put across Irimiru’s capricious nature and fondness for bullying those beneath her.


Sispirinithas (voice): Jennifer Hale

Star Wars fans will know this actor as Bastila Shan from Knights of the Old Republic. I think it would challenge Hale to embody Sispirinithas’s “giggling, chittering” voice. Being a giant Spider. This character could be described as comic relief. In that they make jokes about eating the other characters. As well as scaring some angel soldiers in the second book by coming too close to them. I’d say that female Shepard’s voice actor has the ability to carry this off. As well as playing a character that is not an action girl.

Who would you cast in a film of The Outside? Do you agree with my casting choices? Please leave a comment and remember; the cake is not only a lie but it is plotting against you.



Check out our recent audio interview with Ada Hoffman, which is embedded for your listening pleasure above.

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