How To Make Your Own Comic Book

Every comic book enthusiast has thought about making their own comic book series, but for most this always remains an idea that they’ll get to “one day.”

Every comic book enthusiast has thought about making their own comic book series, but for most this always remains an idea that they’ll get to “one day.” This is a shame, as it can actually be an incredibly fun and rewarding process to create your own comic book even if it is simply for your own amusement. Many people are put off as they do not know how to go about making their own, but it can actually be relatively easy and straightforward with a little prior knowledge. So, here is all you need to know to get the ball rolling on your very own comic book series.


It all starts with a good idea, and this is not a problem for creative types. You will need to come up with a number of characters and a general premise – once you have this, you can begin to craft a script and plan the layout. You do not need any particular industry knowledge for this, although it can certainly help, and there is a lot of helpful information online for this stage.


Once you have a script and all elements of the story, it is time for the exciting part, the drawing. Whether you are working digitally or traditionally, remember that it does not have to be perfect, and it will really come to life during the inking and coloring stage. Many new graphic novelists like to work digitally as it can be easier and there is a lot of great software out there that will show you how to make a banner which can be used in comic books which looks smart and professional.

Inking & Coloring

The inking stage involves tidying up each illustration and adding depth to each frame. The coloring  is hugely important as this will bring the comic to life and jump off the page, so take the time to create a good palette that is fitting with your particular drawing style. Crucially, be consistent with colors as otherwise it looks sloppy and can be confusing.


The lettering is how you communicate your story so always take the time to craft high-quality, easy-to-read lettering. Installed fonts are the quickest and easiest way to do this, and there are lots of stylish ones to consider.


Now that you have all of the pieces, it is time to assemble the graphic novel. There are a lot of free websites or pieces of software that can allow you to do this, but you may also want to get high-quality printings made so that you can have a tangible copy; be sure to look after it!

Creating your own comic book is a great experience and something that every enthusiast should try. You do not have to be a great drawer or storyteller to give it a go, and you might even surprise yourself at how good you are. Whether it is one rare issue, or you go on to make an entire series, there is nothing quite like crafting your own story and putting your passion into practice.

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