How to Deck Out Your Personal Batcave with Batman-Like Tech

Some fun ways to do up your house like the Batcave

When it comes to superheroes, Batman is your dude. Yeah, he doesn’t leap tall buildings with a single bound like Superman or communicate with all ocean life like Aquaman. But there is just something about Batman’s mysterious and dark persona, ability to beat The Joker and a variety of nogoodniks, and his incredible array of gadgets that all make Bruce Wayne’s alter ego your fave superhero.

As you probably know quite well, since Batman doesn’t have a real superpower per se, he uses this variety of amazing gadgets to do his thing. If you like to channel your inner Michael Keaton or Christian Bale and recite Batman’s lines and want your own Batcave to emulate The Dark Knight as much as possible, you are in luck — there are a variety of cutting-edge tech devices that the real Batman would be proud to use.

Nocturnal security cameras

There is no way that Batman would be satisfied with grainy security footage from cameras placed outside of the Batcave. He and his faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth want to see in clear detail who is coming to visit Bruce at all hours of day and night. Thanks to nocturnal security camera systems, you can literally see into the dark better than ever before. Available from Lorex Technology, these cutting-edge models provide the ideal Batman-like surveillance for any home, small or large. The bullet-style security camera is dressed in black and offers 4K resolution, long-range color night vision and the ability to withstand all types of weather. Nocturnal security cameras come with high powered infrared lighting that floods the area in front of the camera; while you cannot detect the lighting, the camera can, allowing it to “see†in complete darkness. With the addition of external lights around the nocturnal security camera, Lorex’s Color Night Vision technology that will accurately capture the colors of a car or a person’s clothes.

Amazon Echo Speaker

Can you think of anything more Batman-esque than a central hub in your Batcave that allows you to do tons of tasks with only the power of your voice? The Echo from Amazon will allow you to do just that — it will connect to Alexa to play your fave music, read the latest news that’s going on in your own Gotham City, answer questions and much more. You can also ask the Echo to call or message anyone hands-free and/or make announcements to other rooms in the home if they have compatible Echo devices. When you are ready to hit the hay, ask the Echo to turn off lights in the home and lock your doors. The coolest thing? You can do all of these commands in your best Batman voice if that isn’t the best way to get a kick out of your Batman fandom, we don’t know what is.

Smartphone-Controlled Garage Door Opener

Whether you need to head to work or realize you are out of milk and are due for a trip to the grocery store, its time to load up in your own Batmobile and get on the road. A gadget that Batman would be sure to approve is the Chamberlain MyQ Garage Opener that controls your garage door opener with your smartphone. You can monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere with your phone, and also opt to receive alerts on your phone when the garage door opens and closes. As an added bonus, if you are halfway to the store and wonder, “did I close the door?, you can check the door with your phone and close it if need be.

Enjoy Your Batman-Like Tech

If your friends ever tease you for your love of all things Batman, remind them that while The Dark Knight may not have superpowers like other superheroes, he does have amazing gadgets that help him rule Gotham City. And best of all, you can purchase and use cool tech that you know Batman would readily approve.

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