Hitting the Books with Paramount’s “Ghosts”

A trip down history – Get to know the specters of CBS’s “Ghosts” better with this booklist

What is Hitting the Books: Paramount’s Ghosts?

As I wrote in this other article about Ghosts, “I have a Ph.D. and love for history.” In addition to each ghost being a fantastic character in their own right, I realized that they were each great starting points to explore various eras in American history.

So, leaning into my academic background, I’ve crafted a list of suggested readings for each ghost. New entries will be published along with new episodes of season 2 with pieces for minor phantoms being published randomly as bonuses.

We hope you enjoy this series and we hope you enjoy getting to learn more about the Woodstone Estate ghosts.

Up first is everyone’s favorite Viking, Thorfinn.

And let’s look forward to season 2 of Ghosts.




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