Hellboy Set to Rise from the Ashes

Stranger Things actor David Harbour set to play Hellboy

With superhero film franchises currently all the rage, it’s been confirmed that demonic beast turned superhero Hellboy will get another chance to impress at the box office. The previous two Hellboy movies (released in 2004 and 2008, respectively) were directed by legendary director Guillermo del Toro and went down fairly well with both fans and critics alike. The comic book hero is poised to return to the big screen in 2018, with Stranger Things actor David Harbour set to play Hellboy, whilst Hollywood stalwart Ian McShane will play Hellboy’s adoptive father Professor Broom. Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen will be directed by Neil Marshall, best known for The Descent as well as his work on Game of Thrones, with the creator of the Hellboy character Mike Mignola also involved in the movie.

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Hellboy first appeared in 1993 in San Diego Comic Con Comics #2 and has since gone onto become a fan favorite due to his strong sense of humor, leading many fans to believe that the film may go down a similar route to that of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool character in the 2016 eponymous film. Director Neil Marshall recently revealed in an interview with Post Mortem podcast that the film was likely to more of an adult film than the previous two Hellboy efforts, going on to say that “when you go back to the original material, it is kind of bloody so I’m going to embrace that.” Whilst the original 2004 movie can’t really be considered a huge commercial success, it holds an 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has gone on to become somewhat of a cult hit in its own right.

The relative success and cult status of Hellboy has spawned a whole host of merchandise, including plush toys, lunchboxes and even zippo lighters, which would presumably be pick of the bunch for the beast. The fiery superhero has also made a number of appearances in the gaming arena, with various Hellboy-themed slot games available, such as the one hosted by www slots io, which includes iconography from the series including Right Hand of Doom symbols, as well as Underworld and Chamber of Fire thematic bonus features.

Not only that, but the franchise has also spawned a best-selling video game, Hellboy: The Science of Evil. Released in 2008 across multiple platforms, the game allows players to control Hellboy from an entertaining third person perspective as they battle multiple opponents, solve puzzles and complete various tasks to progress through the levels of the game. In addition to this, Warp Spawn Games have also released a Hellboy board game and if you look hard enough, it’s even possible to find some sort of Hellboy-themed ouija board, although one would be advised to avoid this unless they fancy coming face to face with demonic beast himself.

The superhero movie genre has come a long way since 2004, when del Toro’s first Hellboy effort was released and this will certainly benefit Hellboy in the effects arena. It’s fair to say that for its time, the film definitely delivered on the aesthetic front, with the characters looking both realistic and terrifying in equal measure and it will be interesting to see just how the advancement in cinematography will affect the reboot. One thing is for certain, Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen promises to both delight and scare its audience whilst retelling the story of a humorous demon with the future of the world in his hands. Whilst there is no definite release date for the film, production is set to start in September, with fans waiting with bated breath for what looks on paper to be another highly successful superhero movie in the making.


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