Hardboiled Magic Preps for Second Cycle of Stories [Press Release]

Hardboiled Magic Detective Series Adds Monthly Web-Based Archive

For Immediate Release

Mister Lewis has a business card that reads “Physics Consultant,” but what he really consults on are problems that defy the laws of physics. Problems like a cursed dating app or industrial espionage conducted by ghosts. As often is the case with consultants, he does unpleasant work for unpleasant people.

This is the premise of Hardboiled Magic, a monthly series of short form stories bending the genres of contemporary fantasy, horror and the hardboiled detective with an extra dose of sardonic intent.

“Short form prose is a moving target,” says author Todd Allen.  “One year, anthologies are the market.  Another year genre magazines are where you go.  If you’re looking to write a monthly story with an ongoing character or format, you really have to carve out your own place online.  This is the second phase of carving out that space.”

The Hardboiled Magic series was originally Kickstarted as a series of eBooks.  Now the stories are being presented online at http://magicdetective.com.

“Stories will go online two months after the crowdfunding audience gets to read them on the final Monday of the month,” Allen explains.  “Much of the premise of crowdfunding is to reward your fans and give them something early or something that they can’t get at retail.  It’s been good to me and I want to keep giving those folks first dibs.  Two months later, the rest of the world is free to come and have a look.  It’s a model that works for everyone.”

Hardboiled Magic is currently funding its second cycle of stories at Kickstarter.

“The second cycle of stories will start appearing for crowdfunding backers at the end of November, right after Kickstarter gives the green light,” states Allen.  “It will hit the Magic Detective website at the end of December.  The second cycle will be called The Memes From Hell and will be 8 stories inspired by or poking fun at memes that have become popular over the years.  We’ll also be issuing a print collection of the first cycle titled The Children of Loki.

About Todd Allen

Writer Todd Allen has covered the comic book industry for over a decade reporting for Publishers Weekly, Chicago Tribune, The Beat and Comic Book Resources. As a contributing editor to The Beat, his work has been nominated for an Eisner and named to TIME’s Top 25 blogs of 2015. He was admitted to the Mystery Writers of America for the Division and Rush webcomic. He taught eBusiness in the Arts, Entertainment & Media Management department of Columbia College Chicago

The website: http://magicdetective.com

The Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1524990961/hardboiled-magic-the-memes-from-hell?utm_source=outreach

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