Greatest Sci-Fi Houses: Fan Edition

For some hardcore sci-fi fans, being an avid collector just isn’t enough – and that’s saying a lot when you consider such amazing memorabilia as the Star Trek coins...

For some hardcore sci-fi fans, being an avid collector just isn’t enough – and that’s saying a lot when you consider such amazing memorabilia as the Star Trek coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint this year. No, for these fans, the real goal is to live the dream, and with determination, they’ve make it happen by transforming their homes into replicas of their favorite movie and television sets.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live inside the Star Trek Federation vessel or the Tardis control room, these fans are ready to show you around. Here are 3 of the most impressive sci-fi homes around, all the work of dedicated fans.

Set Phasers To Stunning

While this Boca Raton mansion doesn’t run on Star Trek fandom all the time, take a stroll through and you’ll find yourself in what’s clearly the most important room of the house: the Star Trek movie theater. Owner Marc Bell is also a collector, swooping up everything from real uniforms to phasers, but it took consultations with a number of designers before he found one who could make his space dreams a reality.

Bell’s enormous home went up for sale for a steep $35 million in 2014, but among Star Wars interiors, he’s got some grand competition – both in the theater department and in other regards. There are at least a few other Star Trek home theaters, including Gary Reighn’s Enterprise Bridge, and another Trekkie theater mysteriously entered via a Tardis.

A UK-Based Federation

Across the pond in Leicestershire, UK, Tony Alleyne was living in a 500 square foot apartment in 1994 when he decided that the home would be much improved by being redesigned as the Star Trek Federation vessel. Unfortunately, about $140,000 and 18 years later, Alleyne’s wife filed for divorce and tour it all down because she owned the apartment. For those considering reviving the look in their own apartment, check with your property manager – Star Trek re-creations are typically not something they assess for when doing tenant screenings.

Tardis Takeover

Jayman White is a devoted Whovian, and like his kin, White has always wanted to climb inside a Tardis – so he took the situation into his own hands. A year’s work later, and White’s home is not centered on an elaborate replica of the Tardis control room.

Is this Tardis equipped to help you navigate the big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey? It’s not certain, so you’ll have to ask White for an invitation to find out for yourself.

Most of us can’t head off beyond this galaxy or time travel at the drop of a hat, but maybe that’s because too few sci-fi fans have devoted themselves to the art of home renovation. With a view to what’s possible then, these designs are the first step into a future we all hope to be living in soon.

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