Great Science Fiction Movies & TV Shows You Should Check Out

Science Fiction as a genre in media has been around for many years and it could be argued that characters, gods, and myths from different cultures would be defined today as science fiction


Science Fiction as a genre in media has been around for many years and it could be argued that characters, gods, and myths from different cultures would be defined today as science fiction, but the first recorded work of science fiction only dates back to around 300 years ago and that was titled ‘Gullivers Travels’, which was written in 1726.

Indeed over the span of its lifetime. Science Fiction has been the subject of many books, speeches, and custom essay on especially when it comes to the topic of film and television. In fact, one of the inspirations for was to record and discuss science fiction through the lens of a fan. And the following list of classic movies and TV shows is only the latest of many that we have done over the years.


Top Classic Sci-fi Movies

Sci-fi is undoubtedly the most popular genre within the cinematic industry. The filmmakers, writers, actors and support staff use their creativity for providing the best experience to its audiences. The sci-fi movies have all the ingredients like mystery, romance, action and adventure that offers a unique experience for each individual.
The best sci-fi movies go beyond the customer’s expectations and provide a whole new experience to the individual. The technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, inner space, robots and many other topics are explored. The eye-catching visuals capture the attention of the user and take the individual’s imagination to mind-blowing future possibilities.


Below is the list of top sci-fi movies:


ET the Extra-Terrestrial


ET is regarded as one of the top sci-fi movies of all time. The film is a pure masterpiece and considered as Spielberg’s classics. All the best alien film like ‘The Invasion’, ‘Alien Apocalypse’, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ and E.T blend perfectly with the audiences. The plot of E.T is broken into a logical manner. The craftsmanship of Spielberg has played a big part in extending the imagination and visual boundaries of art.


Alien (1979)

The Alien movie is one of the most adventurous films of modern time that uses the most advanced technology. It is a sci-fi thriller with action, nerve-tingling scenes and amazing special effects. This sci-fi film has redefined the entire genre of cinematic industry and sets a high standard for all filmmakers. Alien has inspired future filmmakers in crafting a movie that resonates with the audience’s interests.

It was also quite groundbreaking in the use of practical effects, which was so out of the box that it is worthy of its own EssayWritingService. Indeed this film has gone on to have a great many sequels and prequels over the years and has enjoyed numerous video games and comic book spin-offs.


2001: A Space Odyssey


Space Odyssey is among one of the best space movies of all time. The film transcends a substantial impact on the mind of viewers with its high-quality storytelling and visual effects. This movie is for all the sci-fi enthusiasts as it takes their imagination to the future. It surpasses the expectation of an average person and creates a landmark in the industry of filmmaking. A strong story and script create a powerful impact on the viewers. The mysterious plot of the movie triggers the interest of the audiences.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

‘Invasion of The Body Snatchers’ is a sci-fi chiller which creates a false illusion in the mind of its viewers. Eternal horror scenes depicted in the movie embarks the interest of audiences. It is the movie for people belonging to all ages. The film has something for everyone and embarks enthusiasm among the individuals. Only a handful of modern-day movies are as frightening as this one.


The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix is a groundbreaking movie series, which highlighted the anxieties of a pre-millennial society. The movie depicts the world that we all inhabit as a computer created to construct and follow the efforts of a group of human hackers in rebelling against the system, which they refer to as The Matrix. The movie questioned the concept of our physical reality and created a great many religious, ethical, and philosophical discussions among fans of science fiction and scientists. A fourth Matrix film is currently in the works, which am sure will inspire a great many university papers, which could be helped along via the use of and a little imagination.



Classic Sci-fi Series

Science Fiction as a genre has troubled beginnings on television and was initially viewed by television producers as a genre for children. Thankfully this attitude changed over time as television writing and production techniques evolved. This evolution started in the 1950s when Rod Serling created a little series titled ‘The Twilight Zone’, which was one of the first series to successfully blend science fiction and horror.


Here is the list of top sci-fi series:


Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series is one of the most groundbreaking sci-fi television series of the last century. The show created a massive impact on every individual even if the person hasn’t been able to watch the TV series. The modern-day costumes and technologies mostly revolve around the star trek series. This series contributed to creating the most famous American franchise. The characters played in the series have become iconic, and people admire the moments of the series even today.


Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager is one of the most popular series of the franchise. The compelling story, visual effects and action scenes make this series a big hit. The solid acting of the actors kept the interest of audiences who enjoyed the series. The next installment of the franchise followed the standards set by Star Trek: Voyager. The adventures of starship Voyager remain saw the crew led by Captain Janeway take on the borg and save the universe on more than one occasion. The series was a natural evolution of the work that was started in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’. All the Star Trek series tried to provide great science fiction storytelling while simultaneously trying to shine a light on the best and worst aspects of humanity.


The Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone TV series depicts the winning formula and strangeness of Rod Serling. The exceptional acting and intriguing plot maintain the interests of the audiences in all of its episodes. Serling’s expert team of collaborators and writers have been able to depict a perfect story for all types of audiences. The Twilight Zone has partly inspired the science fiction genre of today. With the emergence of the twilight series, the science fiction series became more mature. The writers and directors of the series experimented with different stories for providing the best entertainment to the viewers.


Flash Gordon

Although this had its origins in comics. The Character of Flash Gordon would go on to conquer the worlds of radio television and film.

Perhaps the most famous incarnation of Flash is the one that was played by former Olympic Swimmer Buster Crabbe who first played the character on movie screens in the 1936 movie serial ‘Flash Gordon’. This serial was so successful that a further two were made in 1938 and 1940. All of them have at some stage or other been cut into feature films and have enjoyed decades of play on television.

As far as television adaptations go. A series of ‘Flash Gordon’ was made in 1956 and starred a young actor by the name of Steve Rogers. This version of the character is not particularly heralded as the best interpretation by fans, but the series did become fairly famous for helping Germany in their efforts to rebuild the post World War II economy because must of it was shot on various bomb sites in the city of Berlin. Fans saw another TV interpretation of Flash Gordon in 2007, which was made by the then Sci_Fi Channel, which had absolutely no idea how to best treat the show.



People of all ages love the science fiction genre in both television and movies. It’s the elements of drama, horror, suspense, and the unknown that continue to trigger audiences’ imaginations as the genre continues to boldly imagine bigger and more complex worlds that defy known reality. In this article, we have looked at a few classic films and television properties that have inspired and continue to inspire people to imagine greater.

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