Gotham: Check Out New Clips As Joker Meets Jim Gordon’s Crazy Ex

It seems that bonding over murdered parents is the ultimate ice breaker in the fictional world of 'Gotham'.

It seems that bonding over murdered parents is the ultimate ice breaker in the fictional world of ‘Gotham’.

Just as Detective James Gordon was finding his feet in the city. It would seem that a whole new gaggle of villainy and scum have come into town to ruin his day and one perp in particular has formed an attachment to his crazy ex girlfriend Barbara.

A sneak peak at the return of Fox’s comic book crime drama pairs up Barbara Kean and Jerome Valeska (The Joker)  for the first time.

After failing to bond over the fact that they share an interest in matricide, the clip from ‘Damned If You Do,’ the first episode of the DC Entertainment show’s second season, demonstrates that Barbara (Erin Richards) might have already passed the point of redemption — a fact that only makes Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) more interested in getting to know her. “You’re bad,” he tells her, smiling.

Fans of the Batman comics who know most of the mythology may find Barbara changed from her earlier appearances in the new clip. In fact she is almost channeling the look and attitude that we are familiar with from The Jokers main squeeze Harley Quinn. Which could well be foreshadowing for the eventual reveal of Mr J himself as well as a Harley & Joker style relationship.

The second series of the show has been subtitled ‘Rise Of The Villains’ and will see more well known bad guys from the Batman comics series enter into the fray due in part to the absence of crime lord Falcone, who retired at the close of the first season.

In addition to the new clip, Fox released a “Rise of the Villains” teaser for the show’s return. See both below. ‘Gotham’ returns to Fox on Sept. 21 at 8 p.m.

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