In Review: Theodore Shapiro’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Soundtrack

Review: Released through Sony’s Classical Label the ‘Ghostbusters’ soundtrack by Theodore Shapiro has the difficult job of living up to the task of matching the fantastic work done on...

Review: Released through Sony’s Classical Label the ‘Ghostbusters’ soundtrack by Theodore Shapiro has the difficult job of living up to the task of matching the fantastic work done on the soundtrack from the original 80’s film.  And while it is a great attempt. It doesn’t really quite do it.

We’ve seen endless films since ‘Ghostbusters’ that have involved comedy spooks and such. And we have heard a lot of different soundtracks that are designed to paint a picture of ghosts and such. There isn’t anything really new here.

It is still a confident soundtrack and has some great touches from Theodore Shapiro, but nothing really grabs your ear to a point where it latches on and doesn’t let go until you are humming the various beats and phrases.

The use of choirs for some of the spookier parts of the soundtrack are executed well. I always like the use of Choirs with some additional reverb. And the choir chanting in the parts of this soundtrack were done really well.

There’s  a few tracks on the CD in which Shapiro has worked on a few of the original compositions that Ray Parker Jr did for the 80’s film. Those tracks still work pretty well and are still good to listen to, but over all I wasn’t blown away by this. Perhaps my view will change should I eventually get round to seeing the film. But even that is not the top of my to do list right now. It’s a real shame that they didn’t approach Ray Parker Jr to work on some of this with them though. That would have been just as cool of a tip of the hat to the original film as having cameos from original cast members. I still have fond memories of the summer in which the original ‘Ghostbusters’ song came out back in 1984. It was so infectious that everyone was whistling, humming or singing it.

The first half of the album is really quite plodding, but it does pick up and become its own thing by the time the second half comes round.

A stand out track for me though is ‘Mannequins’, which has a very slow build up and cleverly plays with your expectations.

But overall. This new soundtrack for the new film feels kind of underwhelming. It just didn’t really grab me.

All that said though. My opinion is just that. My own opinion and when it comes to peoples views on things like this. It is entirely subjective. My guess is this soundtrack will definitely go down well with fans of the ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot. Which is entirely understandable given that I’m not really the audience for this film. Moreover I was only ever really a casual fan of the original film. So wasn’t as invested in it as many people have been.

Either way. Theodore Shapiro’s ‘Ghostbusters’ soundtrack is available to buy both as a CD and Digitally from all vendors of music. So if your a fan of the film. Go for it, but watch out you don’t get slimed.

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