Gerry Anderson’s Space Precinct To Get Comic Book Treatment

Much loved Gerry Anderson show getting a comic book prequel.

Back in the early 90’s. Gerry Anderson did a show called ‘Space Precinct’, which aired over here in the UK on Sky One. It starred Ted Shackelford as veteran police officer Lieutenant Patrick Brogan and Rob Youngblood as Officer Jack Haldane.

The series centered on the extraterrestrial adventures of Lieutenant Brogan. The newest addition to the police force on the planet Altor. The series ran for 2 seasons and was a viewing staple for genre fans on a Saturday evening. Sadly like most these shows. It was canceled due to budgetary reasons.

Now it looks like the show is to get a new lease of life in the form of a new comic book series. According to a report at, the comic was first announced back in October of last year but is now well on its way to becoming a reality.

Titled ‘Space Precinct: Reloaded’. The comic is written by Chris Thompson and illustrated by Connor Flanagan. The book will be a revival of the short-lived science fiction fantasy series and is set 10 years before the events viewers caught in the ‘Space Precinct’ series.

Space Precinct offers a “great premise and potentially if done right, a comic adaptation could stand on its own and not necessarily have to rely on the show to get readers in,” Belfast-based writer Chris Thompson, who works at Anderson Entertainment, says of the project’s origins.

“I took the idea to Jamie [Anderson] and to my surprise and partial terror (it’s easy to come up with ideas but significantly more difficult to actually follow through with them) he said yes, if I could find an artist and stay within budget then we had a go for a test first issue.

“I’d love to say that finding an artist was an incredibly drawn out and grueling adventure but in reality, I walked into my local Forbidden Planet, asked my friend Brian, who was working if he knew any local artists. He said ‘Yes, he’s upstairs’ and boom, that’s how I met Connor Flanagan.

“Connor’s enthusiasm for the project basically got him the job immediately, he quickly produced some sketches of Brogan and Haldane and some nice street scenes. His character work was really high standard and I’m super happy with the work he’s produced for this comic.”

• Space Precinct: Reloaded – price £7.99 for the 32 page perfect bound book – is now available to pre-order from the Gerry Anderson Store and there’s much more background to the project here on the Anderson Entertainment web site

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