Gaming Review: Wulverblade (PS4)

Set in 120AD during the Roman invasion of Briton. Wulverblade is a side scrolling beat em up that pits you against Rome and its collaborators.

Review: Set in 120AD during the Roman invasion of Briton. Wulverblade is a side scrolling beat em up that pits you against Rome and its collaborators. You as the player take on the role of  Caradoc the protector of the tribes. Caradoc takes on the Romes Ninth Legion and in so doing learns that he has gifts beyond that of a warrior.

The game is a visceral new twist on the popular 90s side-scrolling Beat Em up genre. Think ‘Streets Of Rage’, but with ancient Britons taking on Romans instead of it being modern-day cities. At only 8 levels the game is fairly short in one player mode, but the multiplayer options are more than likely where it will be at when this game goes on general release for PS4 on the 30th January.

The graphics are beautiful 2D to a standard that puts me in mind of some of the more expensively produced 2D cartoons.

As far as the controls go. It’s fairly simple to play with Square Button being your main means of attack while X is for jumping. Unfortunately, the directions in which you are able to jump in are fairly limited, which sometimes makes getting around and attacking or defending yourself from enemies a tad difficult.

The level of work that has gone into the single-player mode story is fantastic. It is obvious that the games developers put a lot of work into researching the events of 120AD in order to produce a fun and engaging narrative for the game. If anything the game could incentivize a certain kind of person into perhaps looking more into the history of the Roman invasion and their many battles with the Pits.

The voice acting is pretty good in that we get a very comedic and cartoon type of Scottish Accent for the various characters throughout the game.

There are two options in single player. The normal single-player mode allows you to play through all the levels without interruption. Whereas in Arcade mode the game is actually more challenging because you only get 3 lives and have to earn any chances to continue playing.

Overall. This is a great game if you need to take out your frustrations on the ancient Romans, which I often do. I loved the voice work and the slow motion effect when you successfully unleash a particularly gruesome combo. The various historical narratives in the game are well researched and interesting enough to spur anybody into maybe reading up more about the period. You also win various rewards throughout the game where you can view brief videos of the various locations that the game is set in.

Wulverblade is a fun diversion that most beat-em-up fans will enjoy but beyond the multiplayer options. The single-player game will likely have a limited lifespan.

Wulverblade is available as of today via the PlayStation Network.

Wulverblade (PS4)
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