Games Review: “Deathloop” (PS5)

"Deathloop" is what I'd describe as a murder puzzle game. The game's premise sees you playing an assassin called Colt who is trapped in a mysterious time loop.

Description: Released through Arcane earlier in the week for Playstation 5. “Deathloop” is what I’d describe as a murder puzzle game. The game’s premise sees you playing an assassin called Colt who is trapped in a mysterious time loop. However, in order to break the loop. You have to murder your way through 8 other assassins. All of them have orders to kill you on sight. To make matters more interesting is Juliana. Who is determined to keep the loop going and has a personal interest in killing Colt…


The Graphics

Graphically it has a sort of 1960s and 70s vibe to it. Especially when it comes to the clothing that the characters wear as well as the interior decor. It felt like a cross between a 70s Bond Movie, The Man From Uncle and Jason King. Colt’s brown leather jacket looks and feels very 70s. I loved really exploring the interiors of most the buildings because I could almost hear a seventies soundtrack going off in my head. Especially early on in the game when you visit the library and then go to Colt’s apartment.

The exteriors are also really nicely done as well. As there are plenty of places for you to hide and get good vantage points from where to plan out your best possible route of attack. Graphically it sort of reminds me of the Bioshock, which is also from Arcane.


Gameplay & Playability



I’ve been playing “Deathloop” on and off now for 4 days. And I remain hooked on the concept as well as the strategic mindset which you have to utilize in order to get the best experience. It’s basically “Groundhog Day” with guns and knives as well as special shards that enhance your abilities. In the game, you have 24 hours with which to figure out how to shut off the time loop and dispose of your enemies. Every time you die you get sent back to the start of the loop unless you have found a certain bit of technology that lets you start from a particular part of the loop.

The gameplay is extremely fast and fluid when in combat scenarios and is somewhat reminiscent of the gameplay mechanics used in the Wolfenstein series. Especially when it comes to certain weapons jamming up on you.

Overall. The gameplay for Deathloop has elements of the Hitman series to it. But feels a lot fresher and more unique. It’s a game that combines, stealth, gunplay, and investigation. Thankfully whenever you die all the information you learn is retained every time you die. However, weapons and goodies are not unless you have bound them to you with the game’s infusion system. In short, this game is rather complex and makes you approach it in a quite methodical way.

The different weapons and trinkets available in the game allow for lots of experimentation and some fun set pieces. It’s a game that allows for both running and gunny as well as stealth. But its the puzzle elements that will really keep you busy. As well as Juliana’s unpredictability as she can pop up at any time throughout the game.


Voice Acting

Jason E. Kelley does a great job of voicing Colt and at times his performance mirrors the frustration that you will go through as you wind up starting the loop over and over again. Ozioma Akagha is excellent value as Juliana Blake who is persistently speaking to the other assassins in the game through the speakers in the game. A fun element to the game is that when you play as Colt you only get his side of what is an ongoing conversation with Juliana. I guess that you play her later in the game and that is when you hear her side of the conversations.

I honestly don’t think they could have chosen two better actors for these voice roles.





“Deathloop” is likely to provide you with hours and hours of fun and frustration as you puzzle your way through all of the environments. The single-player mode will likely keep you busy for a while. But more fun is definitely to be had using the player verse player mode. Where one of you plays Colt and the other plays Juliana.

Overall. “Deathloop” makes for perhaps one of the most unique and original games that this review has gotten his mitts on in quite some time. In fact, I can’t wait to get back to it. In short, this game roars at you as soon as you boot it up. Anyway, I must go now and return to the loop. Bye…..

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