‘Game Of Thrones’ Continues To Shock Fans

. Last nights 'Game Of Thrones' provided fans with a few shocks, but ended with a moment that fans have been anticipating for about 9 months and will likely keep tongues wagging all week.

Last nights ‘Game Of Thrones’ provided fans with a few shocks, but ended with a moment that fans have been anticipating for about 9 months and will likely keep tongues wagging all week. The resurrection of Jon Snow.

The season five cliffhanger for ‘Game Of Thrones’ had fans grief stricken due to the brutal way in which Jon Snow was stabbed over and over by a small brigade of his Knights Watch, but it was always suspected that his death would not be permanent and last night proved just that.

Although Jon Snow has seemingly returned to life. We find ourselves wondering what this means for the series moving forward. Will this be the same noble and honourable version of the character or will Jon Snow turn bad after the trauma of death?

What will Jon Snows return from death mean to the Red Priestess Melisandre (Carice van Houten) who spent much energy trying to bring him back. The one thing we all know is all magic has a price and there are certain rules. A balance has to be struck. So could this mean that Melisandre has given her life for Jon Snow or the the price be something else. In the first episode we saw Melisandre’s true form of an ancient old women. Will bringing Jon Snow back cost her the illusion of youth that she has held onto for all this time?

These the type of questions that have kept fans glued to this series for the last five years and the show continues to challenge its viewers.

In terms of other happenings on the show. Is it just me or is Ramsay Bolton becoming more and more viscous with each passing year. For the last couple of years we have witness him torture and break the spirit of poor Theon Greyjoy who got absolutely no joy from Ramsay’s sick and twisted games. Last night saw Ramsay pretty much murder his father and then if that wasn’t enough. He proceeded to feed his father new squeeze and his new born brother to his dogs.

While Ramsay is a fascinating character to watch. I have to wonder what sort of grizzly end he will eventually meet and by whose hands will his death be at.

It was nice to see a return for Bran Stark in last nights episode, but I am starting to wonder what purpose he will serve in the weeks to come.

For me Bran’s journey in the series has been one that has had much potential, but has thus far not really delivered on its promise. The fact that he is a seer is cool, but what purpose does it have the story.

Nonetheless last nights episode did offer us a nice twist and some hints as to how powerful Brans visions are.

As to Jon Snow though. I look forward to seeing what kind of plot twist is going to come because bringing someone back from the dead has to have consequences. The question is. Who will pay the price?

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