Game Review: Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

There's no messing about with origin stories with this game. Insomniac who developed the game has come up with the master stroke of dropping you right into the action

Review: This past weekend saw the much-anticipated release of Spider-Man on PS4 and given that I really enjoy an odd bit of gaming now and then and also enjoy the many characters from the Marvel and DC Universe. I decided to pick up a copy of the game.

Over the years have managed to play several incarnations of Spider-Man on the various consoles and they have usually been movie tie-in games. This particular incarnation isn’t, which goes a long way to helping the games narrative and the overall journey that you go on as both Spidey and Peter Parker.

There’s no messing about with origin stories with this game. Insomniac who developed the game has come up with the master stroke of dropping you right into the action as you experience an average day in the life of Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

Yes, you heard right. In the game, you also get to play Peter Parker in various puzzle games in which you help Dr. Octavius fix his various inventions as well as do various improvements on your Spidey Suit. These puzzles are not the most challenging, but they are a fun addition to the games overall story and they offer a little respite from the more action-orientated moments in the game.

The Action

The action in the game is absolutely fantastic and it isn’t very long before you find yourself swinging from building to building and climbing walls like a champ. There is something really relaxing about just swinging through New York.

As far as combat goes. It feels very much like the folk at Insomniac have taken inspiration from the Batman Arkham Games. The combat is both visceral and brutal but does feel a little repetitive when you are fighting the big bosses. Less so though when you are fighting the henchmen because you seem to have a little more time to plan out your next attack.

There is also a fun element of stealth to the game as well as you use your web shooters to create a zip line for yourself and attack from a safe distance.

I also enjoyed how you could use your web shooters to interact with various bits and pieces of the environment and throwing bins, signs and whatever at the various thugs that you do battle with.


The graphics in this game are fantastic. The rendering of New York is a thing of beauty. I was playing for a good couple of hours in my first outing on the game and was completely blown away by the vastness and scale of it.


With over 15 hours worth of gameplay in the story mission. Spider-Man is likely to keep this gamer happy for a while, but even once through all the story. There is still plenty to keep you playing this for months to come. But I do hope that we’ll get some DLC further down the line with some new missions for Spidey.


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