Galacticon raises 5K for Savannah & Seattle

While the Galacticon convention held last weekend in Seattle Washington was not the most successful or drama free of conventions, one of the things that the show promoters did...

While the Galacticon convention held last weekend in Seattle Washington was not the most successful or drama free of conventions, one of the things that the show promoters did in fact get right was giving top celebrity status billing to two young stars named Savannah and Seattle who were able to finally meet each other after two long years.

Even though the very brave and courageous Savannah and Seattle are fighting incurable diseases, it is in fact Battlestar Galactica that has helped to not only bring them together, but it is the very same Battlestar Galactica family of fans, friends and celebrities that have come together to help the families of Savannah and Seattle cover their ever increasing medical expenses, while also helping to give these beautiful young girls some special love, attention and most importantly colonial support!

Savannah’s Mother, Amber Greenawalt, found comfort in watching Battlestar Galactica during the trying times surrounding her daughter’s condition, which is Mitochondrial disease, and her love of BG took her to the last Galacticon held in Houston Texas.

It was there that Amber met one of the stars of Battlestar Galactica, Leah Cairns, who plays a Viper pilot named ‘Racetrack’ in the reimagined series, who happens to be the aunt of Seattle, who suffers from Transverse Myelitis.

Knowing how special, loving and caring the Battlestar Galactica community is, Cairns knew that the fans would rally and support both young girls, so a ‘Go Fund Me’ page was set up for Savannah and Seattle, and the cast members of Battlest Galactica began to spread the word amongst the twelve colonies with both Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell leading the charge.

Within just a few weeks of the cast spreading the word, the good will and loving nature of the Battlestar Galactica community did not let the girls down as they were able to raise over $10,000.00 to help Savannah and Seattle stand up to their big bad Cylon-like illnesses.

Likewise the heart warming story of Savannah and Seattle’s struggle continued to spread throughout 17 countries around the world and the gifts, cards, letters, prayers and well wishes continue to pour in and help both the girls and their families through the tough times.

Savannah and Seattle‘s journey has finally united them as they appeared together at Seattle’s Galacticon, where the show promoter’s agreed to give the special girls superstar status among the actors from the show. The girls seemed to have a wonderful time at Galacticon, with both actors and fans along with Galacticon staff and volunteers doing all they could to show them the love and support that is one of the Battlestar Galactica’s community’s greatest strengths.

By the end of the convention weekend, Seattle’s intergalactic famous aunt, Leah Cairns appeared along side fellow Battlestar alumni and Viper pilot, Luciana Carro, at Steven ‘The Voice’ Elliot’s colonial family feud event, and announced with great joy, a good deal of emotion and a well deserved sense of accomplishment that the fan community and the ‘little con that could’ as Cairns put it, had helped raise $5,475.00 for both Savannah and Seattle.

If the outcry of applause and cheers from the event audience and participants was not proof enough of the love and support that all colonials throughout the world and twelve colonies give so freely, then the $5,475.oo itself raised from what many would call an unsuccessful convention, is surely proof enough.

The fact of the matter is that when the Battlestar Galactica community of friends and fans comes together, amazing things happen! When the show was in fact falling apart at the seems, it was the very people who love Battlestar Galactica with every fiber of their fan existence that helped it survive and thrive as much as it did. And by the very same token, these beautiful fans and friends of Battlestar Galactica decided to make a difference in the lives of both Savannah and Seattle and by the gods, that is exactly what they did!

To all those fans, staff and Galacticon attendees who contributed to help support Savannah and Seattle, as well as to Leah Cairns, Luciana Carro and all of the celebrities who have invested their time, energy, love, money, prayers and support, job well done!!!

But this good work is by no means done where the beautiful Savannah and Seattle are concerned, so if the Lords of Kobol stir you to action so as to help in any small way, then follow the link below and help make a difference in the lives of two very young darlings and fans of the show we all love and admire so very much, Battlestar Galactica.


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