FutureDude Entertainment to Capture Historic Moment for Documentary Feature “The Eagle Obsession;” History-Making SpaceX Pilot Sian Proctor Joins Star Lineup

New Film to Put Space: 1999 Actor Nick Tate Back in Eagle Spacecraft after 50 Years as Production Sneak Peek Video is Unveiled

MINNEAPOLIS (February 28, 2024) – FutureDude Entertainment, the premier source for captivating, independently-produced, future-focused adventure stories, today unveiled a production compilation video of its upcoming documentary feature “The Eagle Obsession” which explores the impact of the Eagle spacecraft on a generation of young space enthusiasts. The Eagle was the iconic sci-fi spacecraft featured in the classic British TV program Space: 1999, which marks its 50th anniversary in 2025. Production on the documentary nears completion, with plans to debut it at the Tribeca Film Festival in January 2025.


This, as actor Nick Tate, who portrayed Eagle pilot Alan Carter in the show 50 years ago, prepares to get back in the Eagle cockpit – which has been completely reconstructed at full scale at the famed Pinewood Studios in the U.K.



“It will be surreal seeing him behind the controls after all these years. I don’t know who will be more excited – Nick or me,” said Jeffrey Morris, founder, FutureDude Entertainment. “Capturing footage of this historic moment moves us one step closer to production completion. The production sneak peek shows how far we’ve gone – literally around the globe – to capture the never-ending obsession for this iconic spacecraft.”


Morris will be adding an important voice to the documentary in March, interviewing the first Black female to pilot a spacecraft. In 2021, Dr. Sian Proctor took the controls of Inspiration4—the first all-civilian spaceflight in history.


“Dr. Proctor is on the cutting edge of a new age of space exploration, and the addition of her to our documentary provides a value perspective we really needed,” said Morris. “The Eagle Obsession isn’t just looking back, it also looks ahead to the next phase of our expansion into the cosmos.”


Fans Share Their Eagle Memorie

The imaginary version of the craft has thrilled fans for nearly 50 years. The documentary will introduce those in front of and behind the small screen who made the show possible, along with fans who themselves are almost larger than life. Morris is asking fans from around the globe to share their memories and photos of the Eagle. Their stories can be found on the Documentary website.


More on the Production

The Eagle Obsession has already been partially filmed at various locations across the United States and in Europe. Minnesota-based Anne Marie Gillen is a producer on the project, along with Morris – who also serves as the project’s director.


In addition to Nick Tate and Dr. Sian Proctor, Morris interviews world-renowned artists, writers, actors, scientists, and collectors about their enduring passion and nostalgia for the Eagle, including:

  • Barbara Bain, the legendary actor who played “Dr. Helena Russell” in Space:1999
  • Jamie Anderson, son of Space:1999 executive producer Gerry Anderson and who continues his father’s legacy at Anderson Entertainment
  • Space: 1999 Academy Award-winning special effects artist Brian Johnson, who influenced the effects of Star Wars and Ridley Scott’s Alien
  • Academy Award-winner Bill George, known for his visual effects on Blade Runner, Star Trek, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and other films
  • Astronaut Charles Duke, the tenth and youngest person to walk on the Moon



Learn more about the documentary series at https://eagledocumentary.com/.

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