Fun & unexpected Ant-Man cameos

One of the things that Ant-Man did well was reference and interweave the greater Marvel Cinematic and Comic Universe into Ant-Man's first major movie adventure!

Yet again Marvel & Disney have delivered a fun Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in Ant Man, starring Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lily, Corey Stoll and Michael Pena, that was not only chuck full of well placed important and nicely crafted comic universe references, but also had some great and unexpected cameos by fan favorite characters and personalities.

First and foremost, the creative team behind Ant Man was able to craft into the film a viable timeline that showed and placed Hank Pym in the role of Ant-Man for years, along with his wife, Janet Van-Dyne, as the original Wasp. The big difference between the comic and cinematic universe being that these heroes were not founding members of the Avengers, but rather SHIELD operatives when they were running around as costumed operatives.

Likewise, while the movie and current cinematic timeline do not include a major role for the beloved comic character Wasp, we do see her in action via an intense flashback scene, when Hank Pym tells his daughter how her mother died. So at the very least we still understand that Janet Van Dyne did in fact exist within the Marvel Cinematic Universe in such a way that at the very least makes practical sense from a timeline perspective where the adventures of Ant Man and the Wasp are concerned.

But the point is that the movie works these details out into a believable storyline, so when we also see an aged Peggy Carter appear in the movie as played by Hayley Atwell, her appearance is in fact a very welcome and fun cameo. Seeing Peggy Carter in her SHIELD capacity towards the end of Hank Pym’s career as Ant Man also serves to tie the future pint sized Avenger into the greater cinematic universe, while also giving great back story to the character, in such a way as to even tie Pym to Steve Rogers through his lost love and early founder of SHIELD, Agent Carter.

But one of the real highlights of the movie was seeing Ant Man inadvertently break into the upstate New York Avengers compound and even fight and best, the Falcon. No small accomplishment for a brand new super hero, which also serves to give fans a glimpse and taste into what lies in store for the upcoming Captain America and Avengers movies with respect to Ant Man’s future roles with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So it seems quite clear that the movie is in fact setting up Ant Man’s role as super hero in future cinematic Marvel movies along with what is sure to be his future love interest and partner in crime, Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lily). The end of the movie quite clearly sets up a future where the Wasp will be introduced as the new Wasp, which will turn into Ant Man and the Wasp assisting the Falcon and Steve Rogers in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, which is currently in production.

But no Marvel movie would be quite complete without a lovable appearance by the man who started it all, as Stan Lee makes a memorable cameo towards the end of the movie in a way that helps serve up a smile for any comic fan.

So not only was Ant Man a very fun and entertaining super hero popcorn movie, it also had quite a few cameos that served to entertain the audience, while also helping to further along the story and greater Marvel cinematic universe plans leading up to Avengers: Infinity War.

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