Fox Looking Into Bringing Back ’24’ Without Jack Bauer

'24 Live Another Day' could well be the last time we'll ever get to see Jack Bauer, but it may not be the last we have seen of '24'.

’24 Live Another Day’ could well be the last time we’ll ever get to see Jack Bauer, but it may not be the last we have seen of ’24’.

According to Fox chairman Dana Walden the television network is currently in talks about the possibility of bringing the hit series back, but without Kiefer Sutherland’s iconic Jack Bauer character.

Walden revealed this news to the gathered media at the recent winter TCA Press tour. It is hoped that they can have a new series up and running by no later than 2016 if talks work out.

“We have discussed it with him,” Walden told reporters. “We talk to Kiefer all the time. He’s a great creative partner, potentially he won’t be in this instalment. We’re not sure yet. We’re not that far along, but I know he supports us doing more 24.”

Walden added that although a new series could potentially go forward without Jack. They are not going to completely leave his fate unanswered. In that they will probably want to bring him back from time to time.
“First of all, we’re not talking about continuing the show without him,” she said. “We’re talking about whether there’s one instalment that he’s not in.
“I think if the storytelling is exciting enough, that real-time element that the show really owns – so many of the production aspects are so unique to that show – I do [think we could do it without him].”I think [it could be] great characters with that creative team. I look at everyone that’s surrounded Kiefer in the last instalment and I think it could work.”

It will be interesting to see if these talks come to fruition and see how ’24’ would work without Jack Bauer.


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