Five writers We’d Like To See Be Next Showrunner For ‘Doctor Who’

The showrunner of Doctor Who is a mighty and thankless task at times. Although we’ve seen the first female Doctor during Chris Chibnall‘s tenure as well as the first non-white Doctor and Master.

The showrunner of Doctor Who is a mighty and thankless task at times. Although we’ve seen the first female Doctor during Chris Chibnall‘s tenure as well as the first non-white Doctor and Master. He is not nearly the best writer the show has ever had. Considering this, here are 5 writers we’d like to see in charge of Doctor Who.


Neil Gaiman



Stephen King has said that Neil Gaiman is the greatest storyteller alive today. We at SciFiPulse wholeheartedly agree. Gaiman has shown an ingenious ability to combine out of this world creativity with human stories. His episode ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ is a prime example. This writer is someone who “Gets It”, who is firmly on the side of weirdos and oddballs. A Gaiman run ‘Doctor Who’ would massively expand the show’s mythology and deliver some truly exceptional episodes. The author himself has said that nothing else would happen in his life if he became showrunner. While I support this, part of me will always wonder what would have happened if Gaiman was a ‘Doctor Who’ showrunner. As a side note, the Sandman writer wanted to revive Doctor Who 20 years ago in 2001.


Patrick Ness



The creative mind behind ‘Class’ would be a brilliant Doctor Who showrunner in my opinion. Ness’s vision for Class was inclusive, funny and had that relationship between the dark and the light, as ‘Doctor Who’ should. I kind of feel like Chibnall has attempted to do with the main franchise what Ness did with Class only with mixed success. TV Tropes’ Class page claimed that in a proposed second series we would have seen the Weeping Angels’ home planet. This alone is enough to earn Ness a place on this list. Even if he does not become showrunner it still might be nice for Ness to write for Doctor Who and explore this idea further. Also good would be to see April, Ram and the other ‘Class’ characters in Doctor Who itself.


Paul Cornell

If you haven’t read the Paul Cornell 11th Doctor comic ‘The Girl who loved Doctor Who’ please check it out. Cornell has a very deep and nuanced understanding of who the Doctor is as a character. We see this in his legendary ‘The Family of Blood/Human Nature’ story from series 3. This creator is not afraid to show us a fallible Doctor, a Time Lord who is not perfect and who can make mistakes. After the almost superhuman 11th, 12th and 13th Doctors it might be interesting to see a time traveler who does not have all the answers. I feel that Cornell as showrunner could deliver this while making the Doctor someone the viewers could get behind. What’s more, I just really want to see the Reapers come back.


Jonathan Morris

While Morris is mostly a Big Finish writer I feel he has the ability to be a ‘Doctor Who’ showrunner. A Morris run ‘Doctor Who’ could give us all kinds of timey-wimey mischief and concepts. My one concern is whether this creative would have a strong enough vision of who and what the Doctor is. Love them or hate them, RTD and Steven Moffat both had very clear ideas about who the Doctor was, how he did things and what he stood for. This is the issue Chibnall has; the 13th Doctor is a jumble of quirks with no real personality or character arc. I’m confident that Morris could bring the sci-fi stories and the humanity of Who. Would he create an original Doctor that stood out from the others? We’d have to see. Personally, I believe he could do it.


Ada Hoffmann



Hoffmann has an imagination the size of the TARDIS interior and the ability to get to the root of human issues. I just read her debut novel ‘The Outside’. I believe we could see genuine queer and neurodiverse representation with this creator at Doctor Who’s helm. Additionally, I think that we could see some truly phenomenal time travel stories from Hoffmann. Also, I think that under this writer Doctor Who would return to something like the Moffat era.

Only with more rounded and human characters. Hoffmann’s ability to blow our minds with incredible concepts and then bring everything in to focus on one character’s struggles, and have these be as important as anything else, would be perfect for Doctor Who. Moreover, it would be great to see an #ownvoices Doctor Who showrunner.


What do you think of the Chibnall Doctor Who era? Do you agree with the writers I have chosen for showrunner? Please leave a comment below and remember, never be cruel and never be cowardly. And never eat pears!


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