Five Inventions Star Trek Made Famous

There are of course more than five just inventions that Star Trek has predicted. However, the five inventions specifically chosen here, for this feature, have all (and continue to)...

There are of course more than five just inventions that Star Trek has predicted. However, the five inventions specifically chosen here, for this feature, have all (and continue to) had a measurable impact on day to day living. So, here they are, in no set order of importance.


Sliding/Automatic/Electric Doors

Perhaps this invention isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Furthermore, the electric sliding door existed in a primitive form as early as the fifties. But the “pocket door” is very much something that Star Trek predicted as becoming common place. The most prominent example is maybe on trains. They might not be the greatest idea/concept on this list, but they still look cool, and very futuristic, too!

Voice Command

It’s possible to change the “wake word” of an Echo device to ‘Computer’. Many Trek fans will get endless hours of joy from this. Perhaps those old enough to have watched the original series first time around will most appreciate just how far we’ve advanced with technology. The Computer has always been a vital resource for ship personnel and has been the difference at times in winning vital battles, for more than one Starfleet captain. On a practical level this allows us to get more done, and enable us to work hands free.

3D Printing

The idea of replicating matter may well have been a precursor for 3D printing. We might still be a long way from being able to demand ‘Tea. Earl Grey. Hot . . .’, but still, we can make parts and create models from computer schematics. Larger things, like ship parts and buildings, were made using industrial replicators, in Star Trek. The idea wasn’t fully established until Star Trek: The Next Generation, but was mentioned and touched upon in Star Trek (TOS). Perhaps if the technology was able to be adapted to create biological matter, then we could all stop yelling ‘Tea. Earl Grey. Hot . . .’ at our kettles! Come on boffins, hurry up and make it so . . . !



We don’t mean the things you pop in your mouth when you’re sick! No, we mean iPads and such. It’s really quite a short space of time that this has gone from screen to real life. We are able to effectively interface with “The Computer”, and (almost) instantly view files, and create new ones. Hard to believe that just 25 years ago this wasn’t feasible, in the way it’s now a reality. The onset of touchscreen technology or tactile interface is what really allows us to actually live in the 24th Century, now! definitely one of the more notable and iconic on our list of five inventions made famous by Star Trek. So, now, we can read Shakespeare using the latest available technology!

Handheld Communication

To some extent, this is covered in the above category. But it’s important to point out that early Star Trek communicators used the “clamshell” design concept. In the nineties, mobile phones began to appear more commonplace. We saw the rise of the flip phone. What’s significant is that they soon became obsolete. Just like in Star Trek we saw the desire for smaller tech to replace it! The communicator was eventually housed entirely within the iconic Starfleet badge. Bluetooth technology may mean these are soon a possibility.



There they are! It’s important to mention that this feature certainly acknowledges its limits. By no means do SciFiPulse claim that these inventions appeared first or were all invented by Gene Rodenberry/Star Trek. But few would argue that they’re now much more well-known as concepts because of the franchise, in multiple incarnations/ series. And, it also made some possible too, at warp speed!

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