Finlay Robertson talks Blink and his inspirations

Scifipulse recently caught up with Finlay Robertson who longtime Whovians know as Larry Nightingale from the episode Blink

Scifipulse recently caught up with Finlay Robertson who longtime Whovians know as Larry Nightingale from the episode Blink. Finlay’s film credits include Alfie, The Disappeared, F, Cockneys vs Zombies and Hammer of the Gods. Additionally, Robertson has been in NY-LON, Life Begins, How Not To Live Your Life, Doc Martin and The Body Farm. Over the course of this interview Finlay discusses the changes in the film and TV industry since he began working. As well as his experience of working on Doctor Who.

SFP: What made you want to be an actor?


Finlay Robertson: I think I always had the urge to show off. I remember doing a turn as a kid at a family party and everyone laughed. You And that was it – I was hooked.

SFP: Do you think that the film and TV industry has changed since you first started out?


Finlay Robertson: It’s a lot more welcoming to different races and backgrounds. Which is as it should be.

SFP: Following on from that question, do you think it’s more difficult for original shows and ideas to find an audience now than in the past?


Finlay Robertson: The best stories and the most compelling characters will always find an audience. The most successful shows are often just really well-done versions of what we’ve always seen but with brilliant characters at the heart of them

SFP: What does it mean to you to have been part of Blink, a Doctor Who episode that too many is the best of all time?


Finlay Robertson: Wonderful. That it means so much to so many people is something I really treasure.

SFP: Following on from that question, what was your experience of working on Doctor Who like?


Finlay Robertson: It was lovely. I wasn’t fully aware of how “top secret” it all was and I wasn’t aware of how brilliant the episode was until I watched a version with Andy Pryor the Casting Director.

SFP: What actors are you inspired by?


Finlay Robertson: As a kid, it was Harrison Ford and Lee Majors! As an adult I’m inspired by too may … there are so many amazing young actors out there, but I’d give a special shout to Ambika Mod – who was the star of This IS Going To Hurt and the new adaptation of One Day. She will be a superstar one day – she is so good.

SFP: What are you working on at the moment?


Finlay Robertson: Always auditioning as much as I can! And I teach and do a lot of audiobooks

SFP: And finally, what 5 monsters would you invite to dinner and why?


Finlay Robertson: Davros, The Silence, The Sea Devils, Strax and at least one Weeping Angel!



Scifipulse would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks and warmest best wishes to Finlay Robertson for so graciously taking the time to answer our questions.


Finlay’s Twitter: @iamfinlay

His Instagram: finlay robertson (@iamfinlay) • Instagram photos and videos


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