Festive TV 2021: A Look Back At Christmas & New Year

The British festive TV 2021 schedule is always a big deal. For example, there's usually at least one standout offering. This year . . .
Festive TV 2021

The British festive TV 2021 schedule is always a big deal. For example, there’s usually at least one standout offering. This year, there’s been a few good things to watch. We’ll take you through what’s been on. Furthermore, SciFiPulse will give you its view on things . . .


Worzel Gummidge

Mackenzie Crook is back as the lovable “human” scarecrow, Worzel Gummidge. If you’re a fan then you can check our previous reviews of the revived Worzel Gummidge, both have which have aired in the last couple of years. This year’s offering featured two separate stories, neither of which were especially Christmassy. However, both were entertaining in their own way and worth a watch.


Super Worm

This delightful tale is an onscreen adaptation of the Julia Donaldson book. The brand new cartoon got a Christmas Day spot, and will have been much looked forward to by children, and indeed families. It’s a fun, short feature about a garden worm who’s stronger and longer than your standard worm! Fans of SciFiPulse weekly poetry feature May The Verse Be With You might enjoy this animation.


Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snow Baby

An adaptation of a story by the late, sorely missed Terry Pratchett. The fun, charming tale was one he wrote in a short anthology of Christmas themed stories. There’s a lovely theme to this, and some hidden depth, which is in-keeping with Pratchett’s style of work.

Around the World in 80 Days

You can read our review of the first four episodes of the new adaptation of the classic Jules Verne novel, written in 1872. It stars David Tenant. So far it’s been an enjoyable mix of drama and good fun. Reportedly, the show has been renewed for a second season.


The Amazing Mr Blunden

This is another one that we’ve already reviewed. You can read what we had to say about the the remake of the Amazing Mr Blunden. You’ll need to have a Sky subscription to watch it, as it was a Sky festive production. It was well worth a watch if you do have Sky.


A Ghost Story for Christmas: The Mezzotint

Perhaps one that might go easily missed, but is quite a good, short production. Mark Gatiss is responsible for this adaptation, and does a great job of transposing the work of the legendary M.R. James to the small screen. Horror fans should really enjoy this one . . .


Ghosts Christmas Special 2021

As our review of Ghosts Christmas Special 2021 stated, perhaps not a highlight of festive TV 2021. However it did have its good parts.


Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

The popular character returns for a brand new caper, along with his friends. This time around Timmy thinks that he’s seen Father Christmas, and chaos ensues. This is definitely one that makes for decent family viewing, and will provide some good laughs for all.


Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks

To read in more detail about our thoughts on the latest Doctor Who episode, check out our review of Eve of the Daleks. Whatever you thought about it it was still an important one to see. This year sees the end of the run of Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth Doctor . . .



There you have it, a round up of festive TV, from what is now last year. A good selection of these shows and specials were shown on BBC, United Kingdom. Stateside readers see BBC America, for details of how to watch. Once more, a very Happy New Year to you all! Most these shows will still be available for people to watch in the UK via BBC iPlayer. The Amazing Mr Blunden is available to watch on Sky NOW and the Sky Go App.



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