Fast Pulses: Hitman 3 Possibly in Development & Xena TV Reboot Possible

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Welcome to another Fast pulse for the 30 July 2019. Today we learn about a potential third chapter in the Hitman games series. As well as how the success of Wonder Woman may well be paving the way for a new reboot of televisions ‘Xena Warrior Princess’. You can read all this and more with relevant links to the original stories below:

Hitman 3 Game Might Be Heading into Development

Danish games developer IO Interactive has been expanding their operations of late and even opened up a new studio back in January. According to a report found at Gamespot sourcing a new documentary film based on the studio. The developer said it was working on new Hitman Content as well as another top-secret project. Readers and gaming fans alike can learn more by checking the original article at Gamespot.

Rebellion To Launch New Hugo Pratt Reprinted War Comics In 2020

Downthetubes have reported an interesting bit of news for fans of war comics. Specifically, those drawn by Hugo Pratt the creator of Corto Maltese. In an in-depth article written by John Freeman. The site revealed that Rebellion the company behind 2000 AD and many other media projects is publishing an oversized reprint of these books in 2020. You can learn more by heading to

Some Genie Magic Helps Disney Set New Box Office Record

Variety has revealed that the House of Mouse. AKA the overseer of all franchises that used to belong elsewhere has set a massive box office record. Over this last weekend, the company smashed $7.67 billion dollars in box office ticket sales. This surpasses Disney’s previous record of $761 billion, which they set in 2016. Not bad for the combined might of some Avengers, a magical Genie and a bunch of misfit toys. You can check out the full report here at Variety.


Wonder Woman’s Success May Pave Way for Xena Warrior Princess Reboot

CBR’s Hannah Collins has penned an interesting article on how the recent movie success of ‘Wonder Woman’ could well help a Xena revival. A rebooted television series of Xena Warrior Princess was first reported as early as 2016, but there has been very little in the way of movement since that time, but things might well be changing. You can read the full article here at Comic Book Resources.

Torchwood’s Barrowman and RTD Have discussed Film Starring Tennant & Piper

According to CBR John Barrowman who made his big break to international audiences with his portrayal of Jack Harkness in Torchwood has been discussing a Big Screen Torchwood outing that could star David Tennant as the 10th Doctor and see Billie Piper reprise her role of Rose Tyler. You can find out more here at CBR.


The Voice of Disney’s Minnie Mouse Dies at 75

On a sad note, the House of Mouse has lost a matriarch. Russi Taylor, who voiced Minnie Mouse for decades, died this past week. She was 75. You can read a full piece on her wonderful legacy at Deadline.

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