Fast Pulses: ‘Battle Of The Planets’ Movie, ‘Marvel Announcements’ and More…

A news round up of recent genre happenings

As we all know. San Diego Comic-Con has ended and as always we’ve done our best to feature and discuss some of the panels and news stories to come out of it. But as always there is stuff that we missed given that we are only a small site with a handful of writers.

So here are some of the news stories that we missed and relevant links and videos for you to check out.

Russo Brothers to Develop ‘Battle Of The Planets’ movie & Grimjack Series

As readers will know. We talked aboutBattle of The Planets’ in a recent article about our top five shows that could be redeveloped for a modern audience and it looks like our wishes may have come true. The Russo Brothers who write and directed the recent Avengers movie are to develop a ‘Battle of the Planets’ movie and a ‘Grimjack’ series for Amazon Prime. Both projects are going to be developed by AGBO Studios. You can read further details here at Deadline. 

Captain Pike & Mr. Spock Will Feature in ‘Short Treks’

It was a great weekend for Star Trek fans last weekend when we got our first look at the new series ‘Star Trek: Picard’, but some may have missed the news that Captain Christopher Pike and Mr. Spock will get a new lease of life in a couple of mini-episodes for Short Treks. The pairing of Anson Mount and Ethan Peck proved to be extremely popular with fans during their stint on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. So we can only hope that these ‘Short Treks’ episodes will be a stepping stone to bigger things. You can learn more about this here at Digital Spy. 


Marvel Announcements From SDCC 2019

We already covered most of the DC stuff with regards to CW. But we didn’t get around to the Marvel stuff because there was a lot more of it. Hall H saw Marvel Studios make announcements for future movies but also saw a number of announcements with regards to TV Projects for the new Disney + streaming service. Among the highlights was the announcement that Natalie Portman is to become Thor in the 4th Thor movie. And we also heard news about a new Blade movie, which will star Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali. The new Blade will be part of Phase 5 of Marvel’s movies and will likely be out in around 2021. As said earlier. There were absolutely tons announced by Marvel so to find out more head over to this article at where you can learn more.


The Orville Moves To Hulu for its Third Season

Also announced at Comic-Con was the fact that Seth McFarlane’s popular science fiction comedy ‘The Orville’ will be moving from Fox to Hulu for its third season. The show which has been hugely popular with fans was initially renewed by Fox, but changes in production necessitated the move to Hulu on which it will air in late 2020. You can read further details here at Deadline.

Farewell to ‘Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea’ Star David Hedison

With all the excitement and build up to San Diego, we missed the sad news of the passing of actor David Hedison. Over a long and storied career, Hedison scored a lot of genre roles in classic television shows such as Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea, which he is probably best known for. His movie roles included the role of Andre Delambre in the original 1958 version of ‘The Fly’ and of course Felix Leiter in two Bond outings, which included ‘Live and Let Die’ (1973) and ‘License To Kill’ (1989). Hedison was 92 when he passed away on July 18.

As a brief special remembrance for the actor. We have been given permission to embed the following video interview with David Hedison by contributor Mark J. Gross.

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