In Review: Falcon and The Winter Soldier – Truth (S1 – Ep5)

Following last week's episode, in "Truth" , John Walker (Wyatt Russell) faces consequences. Also, Sam (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky
"The Star Spangled Man".

Synopsis: Following last week’s episode, in “Truth” , John Walker (Wyatt Russell) is held accountable. Sam (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) continue to try and find ways to stop Karli (Erin Kellyman) from pursuing her violent campaign of resistance.



A good mix of action and drama, in “Truth”. For example, we saw an awesome fight scene at the beginning. But the dialogue was what really elevated the scene. And so, a great way to “have” the story as well as to “tell” it. John Walker (Wyatt Russell) is a vital part of this story. The whole point of Captain America is that it means something. It can’t, without us seeing what people won’t accept as right and proper. Though, perhaps the real point is that some ideals can never be fully adhered to — and so, we get what happened.

Issues about race and identity are often tokenized, in certain shows. Essentially, inclusion can be a box ticked, sometimes. But here the complexity and nuance of things is explored. Seeing Sam question things, and struggle with his choices made it seem very real. As a result we see a story which deals with very real themes that are prevalent in today’s society. Furthermore, we don’t get a ready made hero. Instead, we have someone who has to fight to be heard, and must tackle the system that has for so long remained so corrupt.





Again, Wyatt Russell shows why he was chosen to play the role of John Walker. His darkness is powerful and he really does portray what could become the show’s real anti-hero. Russell again made the role exactly what it should bed, and what it needed to be, too.

Anthony Mackie gave us a Sam Wilson, here, who showed how hard internal struggle can be. Wilson managed to ensure this important aspect of the story, and character journey, mattered. This was a crucial element to get right, and Mackie absolutely did.



CGI & Effects

Before the show we published The Falcon and Winter Soldier: Some Predictions. We thought we might see the resurgence of HYDRA. We haven’t. Although, what we’ve seen instead has been awesome. The super-soldier fight scene at the start was explosive and a great set-piece, generally. What worked was the fantastic choreography and also the pure impassioned violence of John Walker, too.


“Truth” was a great episode, for many reasons. Firstly, the title had multiple meanings. There was the aspect of justice and moral righteousness that Captain America is supposed to embody. The “badge of honour” ideal, epitomized by Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). But then there was also what truth means to people, as a virtue. John Walker and Sam Wilson have very different interpretations, because their life experiences have been so different. This element is crucial to the entire arc of Sam Wilson and his hero journey.

Something that seemed to going on here was a “calm before the storm” moment. No doubt that next week’s finale will be action-packed. It’s refreshing not to just see a repeat of the usual cliff-hanger method. This show is more complicated than that, and offers much more than just explosive action. But we still know that we’ll likely get enough of that. Everything is ready to go off, big time!



Falcon and The Winter Soldier airs Fridays, on DisneyPlus. running for six episodes, over six weeks. To help celebrate the launch, May The Verse Be With You published “Stucky”, to coincide with episode one., and this week “On Your Left“, too.
In Review: Falcon and The Winter Soldier - Truth (S1 - Ep5)
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