Experiencing The Star Trek Ultimate Live Concert Tour

Mark Gross explores new frontiers in music and 'Star Trek'

I traveled at Warp speed with my phasers set to stun to witness and experience the ’50 Anniversary Star Trek Ultimate Voyage Live Concert’. This played at Baltimore Maryland’s famous Lyric Theater. The show left me speechless and wanting more! Best show here in the Alpha Quadrant!

CineConcerts couples live concert music with an incredible huge visual screen projection! Producers Brady Beaubian and Justin Freer (producer/composer), are the creative geniuses behind this concept, which is taking the world by storm. They offer many various diverse programs at incredible venues. All on planet Earth for right now.lyric trek promo

Being able to experience a live orchestra with that blend of music all while playing in sync while a huge screen showing the visual scenes from that particular media is incredible! As was the case with ‘Star Trek’s Ultimate Voyage Concert!’ The house was packed with music lovers and Star Trek fans abound!

Before I saw this presentation, I was able to interviewed producer Brady Beaubian via phone.

Here are a few things Brady enjoyed telling me.

Brady tells me his father offered his older brother a trip anywhere he wanted to go. When Brady got the same offer from his father a couple years later, Brady said he really wanted to attend the Star trek convention at the Bonaventure Hotel in L.A. Being a huge fan since childhood, Star Treks principles and positive creative outlook helped give Brady his ability to co- produce and write this Star Trek Concert event. The idea was to utilize orchestra and classic musicians to play audio materials, in concert with visual materials.

Brady says he was able to actually create a new genre to highlight halls, musicians and the visual material. Dealing with the Star Trek theme, the shows a little different, he states. It’s not a movie, but a celebration for 50 years of Trek, which is an incredibly large amount of material. It required a whole new design and approach and physically, a whole new experience! Brady goes on to tell me all the great emotion and scenes that Star trek has in continuity. It is like focusing on Star Treks, courage and exploration!

Brady mentions that they were able to design the stage with inspirational elements from Star Trek in texture and the command deck such as the bridge of the Next Generation ship. With interactive lighting that blends in with the music and tone of the visuals on the huge theaters screen.

Brady lets me know that the way they packaged this 50th Anniversary Star Trek event was unique. They wanted to get as much in with the Television series as well as the Trek films, so it should be a very interesting journey for Star Trek fans. Brady hope fans will share the pure connection back to the love and inspiration of Star trek. Finally Brady says he believes the music and visual editorial presentation will create a conduit for our love of Star Trek!

This awesome event took place at a wonderful local , a Baltimore venue, The incredible Lyric Opera House. It was opened in 1894. Now named The Patricia and Arthur Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric. The stage presence and total design was like you were right on the bridge of a star ship from the Trek universe! The Lyric was a perfect fit to host this gorgeous star-filled background, while the orchestra was below on the stage/bridge. The spectacular music chimed perfectly in sync to our ears while our eyes were gazing at the huge screen above the orchestra and conductor. There in glorious colors, beginning 50 years ago ,showcased into so many memories visually of everything….Star Trek and beyond! Episodes in a montage of scenes and from all Trek series, to all 12 films, and,much much more!

The Lyric has an awesome acoustic prowess indeed. The two women at the Lyric that worked with me for this event are Cathryn Dunn and Nicoletta Macris. These two ladies were wonderful in promoting this show and they do an incredible job there at the Lyric! Cathryn quoted to me, “I think that The Lyric is dedicated to bringing diverse talent to Baltimore and we want to be able to give that to our audience. We want to be able to attract all types of audiences, and the way to do that is to have a diverse collection of shows that appeal to everyone in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. “

For a Klingon, Michael Dorn has a great narrating voice. So who better than to narrate this show on the big visual screen!

This particular event from CineConcerts, has wonderful timing. This is actually the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek Franchise, as the original episode first aired in September 1966 !

As I walked into the Lyric theater, I saw so many fellow Star Trek and genre fans. Quite a few dressed in Trek garb! Heck, I even saw a few Star Wars fans that decided to sneak in to see this Star Trek concert.

The Lyric offered light fare to munch on and drinks. In fact the Lyric showcased a drink there for this night called, the Beam Me Up Scotty. It consisted of apple ciroc, sprite and blue curacao. Yum Yum.

Being inside the theater, the stage that was designed to resemble the Next Generation bridge, had the orchestras instruments out and ready to be played. When the musicians came out, and then the conductor, they began playing the all too familiar theme and music from the original Star Trek. The lighting shone various colors all over the stage. The screen came to life beginning the show with outstanding visuals. Of course, all aspects in a seamless and flowing order of scenes from which included all of the series and then the films. Not to mention the perfect editorial and narrative visual show itself.

Many familiar scenes played out just as we had watched them on TV while the orchestrated music blended live in sync. Michael Dorn’s voice over sounded bold as he narrated specific parts of this mind blowing event!

I can only say that this show was one of THE perfect ways to experience live Star Trek tracks of music from the series and films that we all know and love.


All while seeing the way the show was prepared for we fans. A rare and unique way to witness some of our favorite moments and quotes and to delve into the nostalgic universe that is, Star Trek!

The performance, visuals, music and venue had me wishing I could stay and see it over and over again. However, my own time machine is still in the shop, so there is that. Plus, my transporter was out of whack, so I had to actually attend with a car.

The audience was in a standing ovation after the finale. Ever human being, alien and other creature that attended, left with their ears, eyes and hearts filled with pure joy! This show boats a 100 city tour and they will be in your part of the galaxy soon. It goes all the way into the end of September 2016.

Do yourself a favor. If you are indeed a Star Trek fan, or a huge sci-fi guy like myself, travel to the next venue they will perform in!

 You will NOT be disappointed! Take a shuttle craft, or just go ahead and beam on up. Then beam back down to your seats and prepare your mind for the fantastical, Star Trek 50th Anniversary Ultimate Voyage Live Concert Tour.
Ahead, Warp Speed, and, Make It So!



Mark J. Gross has been a fan of the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genre, since being stranded on this planet in 1955. Not telling anyone I was stuck here with a broken time machine, shhhh.... on paper I hail from Baltimore Maryland.
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