Exiles: 5 Reasons why this comic should be a TV show

Exiles is one of the odder Marvel comics. Simply put, a team of heroes from alternate universes fix broken timelines

Exiles are one of the odder Marvel comics. Simply put, a team of heroes from alternate universes fix broken timelines. With the MCU dominating the small and big screens; here are 5 reasons why an Exiles TV show would work.



Who hasn’t wanted to see Spider-Man 2099 and Hyperion in live action? An Exiles show could deliver alternate versions of our favourite Avengers, bringing back actors such as Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. in slightly altered roles. This alone would bring in ratings. Given that Exiles’ premise is dimensional travel, the only limit is the writer’s imagination. This could also be a stealthy way of debuting characters like Captain Britain and the Captain Britain Corps, who could cameo in Exiles and receive their own show if they proved popular enough.



Character drama

Although you could argue that Guardians of the Galaxy fills the MCU’s ragtag band of misfits quota. Exiles could show characters who have literally lost everything; their only connection being their teammates. In the comics, the Exiles’ roster changes as characters die or move on, which could be a way for the writers to say something about the transient nature of relationships, time and growing up. Maybe certain heroes are searching for redemption or a chance to prove themselves? Perhaps they find this as they travel across dimensions helping people? We could maybe see canonically evil characters make heel-face turns by joining the squad? Exiles are rich in storytelling potential.



MCU connection



One of many cool things about Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was how the show was connected to the main MCU. Exiles has massive potential to possess something like this. Maybe instead of the Timebroker the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Exiles are recruited by Doctor Strange? This could feed into the upcoming Doctor Strange and Spider-Man films. The Sorcerer Supreme could Chessmaster our heroes to his own ends. Maybe there could be a running gag of Morph eating a hot dog in all subsequent MCU films? I think this could provide some fan-pleasing and meme-worthy moments if done correctly.



Crossover potential

Given Marvel’s forays into the small screen I think it would be really cool if the Exiles popped up in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier or in the Loki series. Maybe there could be a moment like in Deadpool 2 where all the Exiles dimension hop into the background of a critical scene, realise their mistake and teleport away? This would become irritating if over-used or done incorrectly but done right this could make for some funny moments. Perhaps certain team members bargain with Loki or Wanda which leads them to appear in the Exiles show proper? I’m aware that this would be a nightmare for the writers to plan and execute but even one or two small crossover cameos would be really cool in my opinion.


Limitless storytelling

Exiles takes place across all dimensions. In similarity to Doctor Who this means that the only limit to the stories they can tell is the writer’s imagination. Even if an Exiles show diverges from the comics there is unlimited potential for as many universes and characters as they want. Marvel creatives might have to take care that they didn’t just use the what if…? trope for shock value however. A carefully planned and executed storyline taking place across multiple realities could have the same impact as Avengers: Endgame if done well. In fairness also, maybe there is room for an episode where our heroes visit a dimension of talking animals if only just for the fun of it.


Would you like to see Exiles made into an MCU series? What other comics do you think should be made into live-action? Please leave a comment below and remember, I wonder what’s going on in all those other timelines?


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