Emily Rose Gives Some Insights About The Third Season Of Haven

Earlier this week Haven made a return to UK television and to help us celebrate the return of the very troubled group of residents of the fictional Maine Fishing...


Earlier this week Haven made a return to UK television and to help us celebrate the return of the very troubled group of residents of the fictional Maine Fishing Village called Haven.

We caught up with the shows star Emily Rose, who gave us some pretty cool insights about where the show will be taking viewers in the coming weeks.

SFP: I saw recent interview you did on Youtube in which you say that Season 3 of Haven will reward long standing fans with some answers. Will we also get to see some more questions explored as well?

Emily Rose: Oh Yeah! It’s a really cool season because we recognize that a lot of the fans that have been watching for a long time have had some of these looming questions about the Colorado Kid and about who Audrey really is and in our third season we’re trying to answer a lot of those questions, but we know that in order for the show to continue and in order for people to want to continue to watch. We have to pose new questions.

This is a really, really big season. We think it’s one that new viewers can kind of latch onto and get excited about and also one that will reward those who have been fans for a long time.

So we have a lot of exciting moments early on in the season, which will resolve some of the long standing questions for fans, but with things introduced in the first episode such as the hunter provides new things for fans to get excited about too.

SFP: You’ve probably been asked this before, but prior to taking on the role in Haven had you read the Stephen King short story, which the series has been loosely built around?

Emily Rose: Yeah. The Colorado Kid. It was definitely one of the first things I did when I got the part and realized that I needed to know a lot about it, but obviously the theme of that story, which I really thought was cool was really address the theme of an unsolved mystery in terms of what it does to the heart of a town and how it sort of unravels a town where everybody sort of has their theories on what happened and how it all sort of bonds together.

But there’s always this sort of dark secret looming that is kind of real unsettling, and you know what it feels like to be on the outside and not being told about these things. Like in the eyes of Stephanie the girl sitting there with these two older guys and not feeling like you can get any answers, which is really, really great at making you feel the theme of the story and not just telling you.

So that was really beneficial. I mean even though it wasn’t wrapped up at the end it kind of gave me the idea and premise of what it would be like to not have something like that and it bothered me. And it was good that it bothered me.

SFP: As someone who is fairly new to the series I’ve particularly enjoyed the relationships that Audrey has with both Duke and Nathan. Are there likely to be any major happenings this year with those relationships?

Emily Rose: Yeah. I think the heart of the show lies in the triangle between those three and I think season two ends with a sense of some verbal progress between Nathan and Audrey of them both actually saying what they are feeling and not just… you know… working together.

Then you see the beginning of season three and you see that the relationship is still very much there, but you see a set back happen for Audrey in that she feels that there’s an external threat out there, which could come after her and she’s got a target on her forehead.

And she doesn’t know why. So that’s really disturbing and she can’t really focus on the relationship because of that, but by the end of episode two we see another major set back for her.

So the season will question how does she handle and approach both of these relationships. How does she keep them safe and protect them and herself and be true to how she feels.

That’s a real problem that we as human’s need to navigate in different kinds of situations, but its really interesting to watch her try and figure all that out. She doesn’t always do the right thing.

SFP: One of the fun things though is all the characters have flaws, but have really enjoyed how it seems to have been Audrey coming to Haven has kind of mended the fence between Duke and Nathen, who always seems to be at odds with each other at the start of the series, but now have a grudging respect for each other.

Emily Rose: Yeah. She’s the glue between those two and I think its kind of interesting how in the first episode we see that. We see that even though they are at odds they’re forced to work together to find her. Even when she’s not there she’s bringing them together so that’s the really fun aspect of their relationship.

SFP: Will Audrey’s prior identities continue to play a part in the unfolding story this year and will this aspect of the series be where we’ll get some answers this year?

Emily Rose: They’ll be pretty much front and centre, which is really exciting. It’s exciting for me as an actor not to be only playing one person for a whole season.

It’s one of my favorite aspects of the season is the different type Audrey’s that I get to play, but one of the most rewarding and fun things to be able to do.

SFP: Are we ever likely to learn what Audrey’s real identity?

Emily Rose: I don’t know if we’ll ever really know who she is or she will really know, but she’s going to search for that for sure. Like we all are eventually.

Haven, every Tuesday at 9pm only on UK Syfy And Every Friday on American Syfy Channel.

By Ian M. Cullen

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