Eddie McClintock Teases Warehouse 13 Finale

Late last week SciFiPulse along with a number of other entertainment news blogs took part in a phone conference with Eddie McClintock, who was on hand to answer questions...


Late last week SciFiPulse along with a number of other entertainment news blogs took part in a phone conference with Eddie McClintock, who was on hand to answer questions about tonight’s season 3 finale of the hit series.

When asked about the episode and in particular some of the guest cast members, which include Anthony Michael Hall and a returning Jaime Murray. Eddie initially cracked a few jokes about his doing some renovations on his home, but eventually gave us bloggers what we wanted by way of an answer to how these guests fit into the finale.

Eddie McClintock: Well, I love Jaime and she is fantastic. And, I know that there’s been talk about spinning her off and doing her own series, but whatever the end result of that may be, I sure hope we can continue to work together.

She and I did some stuff last year when we were on hiatus and we really got to know each other well. So she’s a great actress and whatever she ends up doing I wish her well.

What’s great is the fact that – the way she comes back this year here in the finale – the two episodes here at the end of this season, you know, she kind of – I think I’m allowed to – well gosh I’m not sure exactly what I’m allowed to say about it.

Apparently Jaime Murray’s character of HG. Wells fits in to the finale quite prominently in that she works for a time with Anthony Michael Halls character. Despite this McClintock is quite forgiving of her villainess streak and wishes her well regardless.

Eddie McClintock: Whatever she does it’s always good. And I can promise the fans that they won’t be disappointed with, however the story plays out.

In regards to Anthony Michael Hall, I mean I grew up with all of those great movies that he did when he was younger. And he really kind of grew into himself, because he’s like 6′ 2″ now and probably weighs about 200 pounds and none of it’s fat, he’s just a big dude. He looks – actually he looks like Steve McQueen I think.

But he’s amazing, he’s great fun to work with and just for me it’s like getting to meet some of your childhood heroes and the people that you admired and the people whose work you admired. And to have him come on the show and be such a strong – play such a strong character is pretty thrilling for me.

One of the big surprises of this series of Warehouse 13 is that Kate Mulgrew wound up not only just playing a regent, but also playing Pete’s mother. So when asked how he found working with Kate Mulgrew on the series. McClintock was more than happy to reveal that the relationship played out on screen is just as warm in real life.

Eddie McClintock: If you went to Dragon*Con or if you ended up at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention you would see that Kate and I get along better than I could have ever even dreamed of.

She’s the kind of person that after I had known her for five minutes I had basically told her my life story. And it’s not a long story but she stood there and listened to everything I had to say.

I was kind of going through some stuff and some family stuff and I was just like, “Hi I’m Eddie, and oh and by the way this is my life,” and she told me some stuff about herself to let me know that she was in the conversation and was willing to listen. And we just have struck up a great friendship.

So to have her play my mom seems completely natural. Although she’d of had to been like four when she had me, which you know, we’re going to have to overlook.

With the announcement of season fourth one question asked if Eddie knew anything with regards to the storyline for the fourth season, which given that no scripts have been finalized yet. Was a question he couldn’t really answer. But the answer he gave was not just truthful, but also somewhat insightful to fans that may not know how television works behind the scenes.

Eddie McClintock: That’s another one of the things, as much of a surprise as it is for the fans it is for me as well. I mean I try not to know too much about it because I love being able to show up and read the first script and just go, “You guys are insane,” and just like go. So I’m kind of along for the ride as well as the fans, so it’s cool.

When asked for his reaction to finding out that Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan would be playing members of Pete’s family. McClintock initially joked around a fair bit, but eventually revealed that he’d got to work a little with Jeri Ryan prior to Warehouse on a Legal drama series called Shark.

Eddie McClintock: I never watched Voyager. I wasn’t – but I knew of Kate Mulgrew. And I definitely knew of Jeri Ryan. I mean she was – you don’t have to be a Star Trek fan to know who Jeri Ryan was. Plus I actually did a show called, Shark, last – well a couple of years ago. It was James Woods.

She played an attorney on that show. So although we didn’t work together at that time, we were in the same room together. So I had that going for me.

And then I mean, when I found out that a sci-fi icon was going to be my wife, my ex-wife, I told her when I saw her for the first time I just said, “Do you realize that my stud cred has just increased like 10-fold?”

And then when I found out that a Star Fleet Captain was my mom I just thought that that was so awesome. And it just turned out that both ladies were really cool and good to have around. So yes, I feel like I’m in pretty good company in that regard.

One of Pete’ character traits is that he picks up vibrations and has a kind of sixth sense when it comes to danger, but this is a feature in Pete’s character that has been underplayed somewhat in the third season and when asked why. McClintock revealed that it has been something they’ve discussed recently, but part of the reason is to do with the introduction of his mother to the series.

Eddie McClintock: I don’t know, we just talked about his – because we just found out that his mother also has vibes. So, there’s some deeper meaning to – like Pete just didn’t end up as a Warehouse agent.

It’s been in the plans from when he was very young, you know, his mother was a Warehouse agent. She has vibes.

I don’t know, I mean it’s not heavily written into the script. The vibe thing for Pete, which again I think, I like that — that it comes and goes — because otherwise it just gets stale. Kind of like Jinks, with his, “You’re lying,” thing. If you hit it too many times it just gets old and stale. And again, I think it’s a credit to Jack Kenny and his ability to write a well-balanced show. And that’s in respect to drama and action and romance and comedy.

When asked if we’ll be seeing Steve Jinks in the finale. McClintock was happy to play along with fan theories that Jinks is a Warehouse 13 mole, but wouldn’t give anything away to confirm or deny.

However, when it came to discussing the finale Eddie did say that the whole Steve Jinks thing plays out pretty well, but still wouldn’t reveal how well.

Eddie McClintock: I can say, “However it plays out, I mean I just was doing an ADR session yesterday and I was talking to the guy – the mixers and I was like, “So how were the last two episodes,” and they were just like, “They’re the best episodes of the series.”

They’ve really raised the stakes this year here for the last two episodes. And so I’m looking forward to – I haven’t seen any of it so I can’t wait to see it.

When asked if he thinks the finale will have a good cliffhanger, Eddie seemed just as excited as us fans are.

Eddie McClintock: I hope so. Like last year’s cliffhanger to me wasn’t really necessarily a cliffhanger. To me a cliffhanger is like the fair – the damsel is tied to the railroad tracks, the train’s coming, the guy’s racing to get there, “What’s going to happen next,” not, “Oh no, one of the characters left.”

And I kind of thought it kind of ticked a lot of people off. I remember like getting a lot of twitters about, ” I’m not going to watch the show if Myka’s not going to be on there. No way, that’s uncool. You guys are,” (ma ma ma) and so…

And I get it. It’s like, “What? That’s the cliffhanger? One of the most loved characters is just walking away?” So I would say that this year they definitely have again, upped the stakes in that regard. And I think people may be shedding a few tears on this one.

When asked about the Christmas episode, which will air later in the year. Eddie couldn’t really give to much information out because Syfy plan on revealing that later this week, but what he did say was fascinating.

Eddie McClintock: Yes, I’ll just give you some – no details, but I can tell you this, where last year’s Christmas episode was pretty fluffy, I thought, this Christmas episode is to me, more of a Warehouse 13 episode.

It’s edgier than last year’s. It’s not a Charlie Brown Christmas, it’s an actual Warehouse 13 episode. And even though it’s still like a standalone episode, it doesn’t – it’s not impacted by previous episodes. It’s very much, there’s a lot of drama and there’s a lot of heart and there’s a lot of action — just like every good Warehouse 13 episode.

When asked how this years cliffhanger will shock us. Before answering Eddie revealed that he was as shocked by last seasons ending than we fans were, but added that this year will be different.

Eddie McClintock: Well as I said, because I love the writers but I just like, I didn’t get the whole, Myka leaving thing in regards to using it as a cliffhanger.

I understand it as a plot, as a storyline for the plot, sure. But to leave that as like the cliffhanger, especially when the fans have to wait a year to see what happened, it’s just rough man.

It is Hollywood so people were like, “Maybe she didn’t renew her contract or whatever,” it’s just like people won’t be wondering that in regards to this ending this year, it’s a straight up dramatic cliffhanger.

And it definitely will – I don’t think it’ll leave people going, “Hey, I’m not going to watch anymore,” it’s going to make people go, “I can’t wait to – I can’t wait till next year to see the show.”

The last couple of years has saw Warehouse 13 cross over with both Eureka and the new Syfy series Alphas. So when asked how he’d feel about appearing in either of those to shows for a cross over. Eddie was fairly positive, but he also expressed a wish to appear in another of Syfy’s hit series.

Eddie McClintock: I would like to go do any of those shows just because I think they’re all so much fun. I would like to go do Sanctuary because I’ve gotten to know Robin Dunne pretty well.

And I think the way they shoot their show, I guess it’s a lot of green screen stuff so it must be pretty challenging. I know when we do a lot of green screen it’s hard because not only do you have to act, but you have to imagine your surroundings as well.

So that would be cool. And I guess I’d like to do an episode of the WWE. You know, I’d put on some tights and a cod piece and put some clothespins on my nipples and a latex mask.

You can catch the season three finale of Warehouse 13 later tonight on Syfy Channel at the usual time.

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