Eddie McClintock Talks Darker Tone Of ‘Warehouse 13′

Thursday September 6 sees the UK launch of the 4th season of Warehouse 13 and I was recently lucky enough to speak with one of the shows stars Eddie...


Thursday September 6 sees the UK launch of the 4th season of Warehouse 13 and I was recently lucky enough to speak with one of the shows stars Eddie McClintock on what fans can expect to see in the new series, but also what his thoughts are on the shows evolution thus far.

SFP:I love the show and looking forward to seeing how dark things get in the new series. What can you tell us about it and what do you think about the darker turn the show has taken this series?

Eddie McClintock: Well you know. Joanne Kelly put this really well. She said, ‘We’re still going to be painting with all the same colours this year. We’ve just added a darker tone. There’s not going to be an overall tonal shift of the show. I mean obviously when we start up some pretty traumatic things have happened. The warehouse has been destroyed, Mrs Frederick has gone, HG Wells has gone and Jinx has gone. So we have to deal with those things, but the show isn’t going to lose its sense of humour.

So I don’t want fans to think that there’s going to be a huge tonal shift, but there will be consequences to getting the warehouse back and sorting this whole thing out.

We know that Artie had this watch and we know that when you use an artifact that there’s always a down side. So we’re going to have to deal with the consequences of that and they’re going to be substantial. I mean we don’t want the viewers to be able to guess what’s going to happen next. We don’t want them to get complacent and go, ‘Oh whatever it’s Warehouse 13. They’ll just use an artifact. The warehouse will come back. Everybody will be alive and everything would be okay.’ That’s not really the case. I don’t think it would be fair to the fans if that were the case, and it wouldn’t be fair to us as the actors either. So there will be some pretty substantial consequences.

SFP: We learned a lot about Pete in the last series when he got to reconnect with his mother. Are we likely to see a bit more of that relationship play out in the new series.

Eddie McClintock: I actually just saw Kate [Mulgrew] this week and she’s definitely gonna come back and I think we got to find out a lot last year with that relationship, but I think the writers have more in store as far as that is concerned. So yes.

SFP: It was really a big surprise to see Kate Mulgrew pop up as your mother last series and I thought you both really worked well together.

Eddie McClintock: She is an amazing woman and so much fun to work with. You know my mum is a Starship Captain and my wife is the hottest Borg in the galaxy [Laughs].

SFP: I noticed from your facebook page that you like to paint. Are we ever likely to see that aspect of you come out in Pete. Maybe have him drawing funny pages about his adventures with the W13 team?

Eddie McClintock: That would be cool. I actually, this season wear some T-Shirts with my artwork on them and last year. A couple of pieces of my art were featured in a couple of episodes in the background.

I don’t know. I think it would be cool if we integrated my artwork somehow in the show in other ways…

SFP: Maybe an artifact like Picasso’s paint brush.

Eddie McClintock: Exactly. Or maybe I have Van Goths paint brush and I wake up to find my ear is gone.

SFP: What’s your favorite artifact from the show?

Eddie McClintock: You know even though we never actually saw it. I loved when Pete talked about putting on Abe Lincoln’s Hat and having an irresistible urge to free Mrs Frederick. I just thought that was so smart and funny. I think that it kind of exemplifies what we’re doing on the show. We’re trying to do something that is smart and funny, but has social purpose you know and it shows me that the audience trusts us. I think that it shows that everybody can watch Warehouse 13 and get something out of it.

SFP: Artie is keeping secrets from the rest of you guys this season. How do you think Pete and Myka feel about that?

Eddie McClintock: I would say that it weighs on them quite heavily. You know they love Artie, they both love Artie and its like when you know as a person that someone you love is keeping a secret from you. It hurts and it causes distrust and suspicion and that’s what we want. That’s what we’re trying to create.

I think it’s working great. Saul [Rubinek] does such a great job. Did you know Brent Spiner is on the show this year?

SFP: Yes, I was fortunate enough to be on a conference call with both him and Saul a few weeks back.

Eddie McClintock: Oh you were, oh cool. Brent is on the show this year and he does an amazing job. He kind of plays this years nemesis and I think the fans are gonna be really happy.

SFP: He’s getting his revenge on Saul for Star Trek: The Next Generation I think.

Eddie McClintock: [Laughs] That’s right, that’s right.

SFP: You’ve had a lot of great guest actors on the show over the years and I’m just wondering if their is an actor or a personality that you’d really like the chance to work with on the show in a future episode?

Eddie McClintock: I’d love to have Bruce Campbell on the show. Before I ever decided to be an actor. I remember seeing Evil Dead and going, ‘Man, how did that guy do that. I mean how does he know to do that?’ because I’m laughing at him, but at the same time I’m kind of horrified and I couldn’t figure it out.

As I said I hadn’t considered being an actor yet and had just saw this rubber faced man doing all this amazing stuff. So it would be a cool thing in my career to be able to finally work with Bruce Campbell.

SFP: That would be good to see as well. I can actually picture Pete and Bruce Campbell in a role working well together.

Eddie McClintock: They’re kindred spirits I think.

SFP: Thanks for taking time out to speak to us. This has been great and hope we get to do it again some time.

Eddie McClintock: Thanks man. I’m so happy that you guys in the UK have taken interest. Every time have been over there everybody has just been amazing. We really love it over there and we hope to entertain you UK fans for a long time.

Warehouse 13 airs every Thursday in the USA on Syfy and will begin its fourth season on UK Syfy Channel this Thursday 6, September at 9pm.

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