Echo City Capers “Who Turned Out the Lights?: An Echo City Capers Adventure” Released Today

First Illustrated Middle-Grade Book from PA Publisher Hits All Major Retailers

EASTON, PA(1/31/2024): Marking their 18th release, Echo City Capers sees the publication of “Who Turned Out the Lights?: An Echo City Capers Adventure.” Joe Swarctz, illustrator and the creator of the Echo City world and characters, and the books’ writer Ralph Greco, Jr. established the E.C.C. brand in 2018. “Lights” is the duo’s first middle-grade paperback fiction release. It is published by Parisian Phoenix Publishing’s ‘Kittens,’ imprint.

Publisher and founder Angel Ackerman says, “‘Kittens,’ the children’s imprint of Parisian Phoenix Publishing, adores the duo of illustrator Joseph Swarctz and author Ralph Greco for the educational value of the life skills apparent in the Echo City Capers stories, while camouflaging these serious themes with joyful, humorous escapades depicted with bright colors. In WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?, the Echo City team has provided loyal fans with a middle-grade chapter book that allows children and parents who love the Echo City Capers Jr. picture books a way to transition into independent reading. (And a way for parents to read with their newly-minted readers without getting bored.)”

“Holy Electric Light Orchestra! Here’s our sizzling take on our favorite TV show ‘Batman 66.’ Pow!, Bam!,” Joe says. “Our new book is ‘zlock’ full of fun for young and old.”

“Seeing how much fun the 60s Batman show was, Joe and I couldn’t think of a better ‘playground’ to take from for our first ever fill-length paperback,” Ralph explains. “We just know kids, as well as their parents, are going to have fun with Lights.”

“Who Turned Out the Lights?: An Echo City Capers Adventure” is available at all the major online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Signed copies are available direct from Parisian Phoenix Publishing ($20, shipping included). Until Valentine’s Day, the publisher is running a sale through the distributor, Ingram, where readers can order the book for $8.50 plus shipping. See here: Buy Who Turned Out the Lights?: An Echo City Capers Adventure (


Joe Swarctz and Ralph Greco, Jr. live on the east coast of the United States. They have self-published 14 Echo City children’s books, from full-color stories for toddlers, to middle-reader episodic tales to activity books. The duo also has released four hardcover books through Parisian Phoenix Kittens. Their children’s stories have also been published in the UK, Canada and India and in addition to producing books, Greco and Swarctz present live draw-along/sing-along events featuring characters, songs and art centered on the Echo City world. The pair enjoy recurring presentations to elementary schools in the P.A./N.J. area, comic conventions, holiday events, privately-owned kid’s bookstores, visits with the Girl Scouts of the USA, and seasonal performances at The Crayola Experience in Easton, PA.

Ralph & Joe met in Clifton High School in the late 70s, began a fast friendship, played in local bands, and generally ‘hung out’ throughout their 20’s. Losing touch for twenty-five years, they reconnected 5 years ago and began their Echo City publishing concern. Echo City Capers


Parisian Phoenix Publishing launched in Sept. 11th 201, with Angel Ackerman’s first novel, “Manipulations.” Today, the company has twenty books and at least a dozen authors on board. Woman-owned, and staffed by several people with disabilities, Parisian Phoenix aims to publish unique voices and diverse perspectives, or in other words, books that traditional publishers would deem non-commercial. The staff and authors of Parisian Phoenix work together as a team to craft books that bring to life not only the publisher’s vision, but that of the author.

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