DVD Review: From Other Worlds

A depressed Brooklyn housewife who sleepwalks through her life until she encounters an alien force in her backyard.

Synopsis: FROM OTHER WORLDS is a sci-fi comedy about a depressed Brooklyn housewife who sleepwalks through her life until she encounters an alien force in her backyard. With the help of a fellow contactee, an African immigrant, she is determined to solve the mystery of her otherworldly experiences. Along the way, she finds romance, saves the planet and finds new meaning in her life.

Review: Made in 2004. This quirky science fiction comedy is soon be released in the UK through Simply Media.

The movie has the look and feel of a budget independent film. So those that are used to the fairly expensive production values of television movies and theatrical releases maybe put off.

The film stars Cara Buono as depressed young house wife Joanne Schwartzbaum who after passing out slowly comes to realise that she has had contact with an alien being. 

The film goes pretty much by the numbers with all the usual plot threads of medical and psychologists and such not really taking her to seriously and prescribing her with drugs, but there are a few laugh out loud moments as we see Joanne come to the realisation that she will have to help herself.

One fun moment is during an argument between Joanne and her husband about what to tell the kids about Aliens. One of the kids asks if Superman is an Alien at which point her Husband yells out, “No he’s an American”. It seems like a pretty old joke now, but in the scene it plays really well.

Things don’t really get started with the film until Joanne meets Abraham who also reports that he has been abducted and lost time. The two reveal that they have the same mysterious mark on their bodies, which they refer to as a bruise. It appears to be an alien symbol, but things start to unravel when Joanne sees similar symbols in a book about the seven wonders of the ancient world.

They finally work out that the alien who has been lingering around as a homeless man wants them to find an ancient scroll that was recovered from the Library of Alexandria before it burned down and replace it with another scroll, which we can safely assume is the correct one.

The film is moderately entertaining, but hard work to stay with at times due to some pretty obvious cliches such as the obvious overused synth music cues that were out of style in the 1980’s never mind the 2000’s.

Isaach De Bankolé puts in a pretty good performance as Abraham, who has more day jobs than you can shake a stick at. But it is pretty much carried mostly by a solid performance from Cara Buono.

The film is to retail at £14.99, which I feel is overpriced. Its the sort of film that I’d say rent if you must, but its not what I would call a keeper. It has a few good moments, but they are few and far between. I was getting kind of bored at the half way point that I picked up my guitar and started running through technical drills and such while watching the remaining 30 or so minutes.

From Other Worlds
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