Deep Space Nine’s Barry Jenner passes away

The Star Trek Community is saddened at the loss of DS9's Admiral William Ross

With the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek having just been celebrated in Las Vegas, it is with great sadness that SciFiPulse must report the death of Star Trek personality and actor Barry Jenner.

Some of Jenner’s fellow Deep Space Nine co-stars remembered him fondly with Armin Shimerman (Quark) saying on social media, “My heart is broken. My thoughts are in greif & in compassion. My good friend Barry Jenner has passed. Condolences to Suzanne & all who loved him.

Another of Jenner’s co-stars on DS9, Aron Eisenberg (Nog) posted this to social media, “He was always very kind & friendly to me. My sincere & heartfelt condolences to his family.

Star Trek fans who had the pleasure of spending time with Jenner also paid their respects from as far away as Australia and Germany on social media. Among Jenner’s fans was Angie Long who remembered the actor by saying, “So sad to hear of the passing of my friend Barry Jenner. 🙁 We met in 2014 and he quickly became a dear friend. My heart is broken today … RIP Admiral. You will be missed.

Will Tuan Anh Nguyen posted this about Jenner, “*Sigh* The hits just keep coming this year. I’m pouring out some bloddwine for you Admiral Ross. You were one of the best.

Eddie Stevenson, posted, “Another great acor gone way too soon. The word is given. Warp Speed Admiral Ross.

Jonathan Daniel Ho likewise posted many photos of Jenner to his social media account and said, “The Star Trek Universe has lost another member to the crew of the Eternal Starship in the Sky. Now on Eternal Patrol. Barry Francis Jenner.Jonathan then went on to give a very detailed and loving filmography of the actors roles.

David Cardillo said this about Jenner, “🙁 His portrayal of Admiral Ross, during the Dominion War on DS9, was so well done. One of the best scenes from the series was the one between him and Dr. Bashir in ‘Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges.” That scene … continues to have a profound effect on my way of thinking.

Michael Satterfield posted, “V’s own Barry Jenner passes away at 75. He always expresses how much he loved being a part of V. Barry Jenner was an awesome actor, a delight at conventions, and a wonderful person, he will be missed by many! RIP Barry may the Keepers of the Light carry you forward.

Heather Holmes posted about her time with Jenner saying, “So sad to hear of Barry Jenner’s passing. Had a great conversation with him about his acting role with Pricilla Presley in Dallas when he came to a dinner at the Police Club.

Will Ross posted, “It seems the Grim Reaper has not had his fill yet as he has just taken my name sake from us! Admiral Ross from DS9 actor Barry Jenner has sadly passed away overnight. Horrible year.” The ending of Will’s post clearly referring to the other Star Trek celebrities lost to the fans this year.

Josefine Nagy posted this about Jenner, “Heute ist Barry Jenner verstorben. RIP.

Jenner also flew to Australia in 2006 and officially launched one of the country’s best known Star Trek fan groups, the Starship Mawson at their convention in Adelaide. Jenner was affectionately known to his Aussie fans as ‘Bazza‘ and was repeatedly referred to as a real fan favorite.

Gerri Eugenia of ‘Women Talk SciFi‘ also posted about her time with Jenner when he visited Trek fans in the Land Down Under, “…We had the pleasure of looking after him when he was here in Adelaide. He loved the fact that we called him ‘Bazza’. He was fantastic to his fans. We were never fans to him but people. He didn’t lock himself away in a Green Room but walked about chatting with people. Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Jenner was 75 years old, is survived by his wife Suzanne Hunt and died on August 9th, 2016. The versatile actor could be seen regularly on the science fiction convention circuit and took on the role of Admiral Ross for which he was fondly remembered during Deep Space Nine’s sixth and seventh seasons.

Clearly Barry Jenner left not just an impression on the Star Trek community with his noteworthy work on Deep Space Nine, but the multi-talented thespian also made a difference in the lives of many a fan in ways in which few other actors have before.

Barry Jenner was blessed to have entertained so many in so many different roles throughout his career, just as the Star Trek community along with those who knew, loved and worked with him were likewise blessed to have shared the time they did with him.

Please know that you will be remembered and missed just as much as you Lived Long and Prospered Barry!

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